The Wildest Winter Activities

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Source: USDA / Wikimedia Commons

10. Deer hunting
> Where it originated: Unknown
> Equipment needed: Gun, crossbow or bow and arrow

Though some people may be opposed to hunting, there is no arguing that hunting deer is certainly a wild way for people to spend part of their winter. Though it likely began as a means for survival, hunters now have a small window in which they can hunt the large mammals, and that time often comes in the winter.

Source: Astrid Riecken / Getty Images

9. Polar bear swims
> Where it originated: Unknown
> Equipment needed: Swimsuit

It may sound like one of the worst things to do in cold weather, but each year thousands of people jump into lakes, rivers, and oceans in the dead of winter. Polar Bear Plunges, as they’ve come to be known, are a New Year’s tradition in many cold weather areas all over the world. Many Polar Bear Plunges are for a good cause, raising money for local charities.

Source: Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

8. Shovel racing
> Where it originated: New Mexico
> Equipment needed: Metal grain shovel, helmet

Shovels aren’t just for moving snow. Some inventive New Mexico residents decided to use them to slide downhill and even race them against one another. Shovel racing eventually became so popular it even made it into the first X Games in 1997. However, after a racer was injured in a wreck, the sport never made it back into the games.

Source: SportsceneTV / YouTube

7. Snow kayaking
> Where it originated: Austria
> Equipment needed: Kayak, paddle, helmet

Snow kayaking is yet another example that shows people will use just about anything they can to get down a hill at high speeds. Snow kayakers certainly go down hills much faster than normal water kayakers float down rivers. Snow kayakers can reach speeds of more than 35 mph.

Source: Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

6. Snowmobile Speed and Style
> Where it originated: Colorado
> Equipment needed: Snowmobile, helmet

Snowmobile Speed and Style is the perfect sport for winter daredevils and a popular X Games event. Competitors take their snowmobiles around a track as fast as they can, while also throwing in gravity-defying stunts on big jumps. Winners are selected based on a combination of their speed and stunts.