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These Passports Get You Into the Most Countries

The world has grown more and more interconnected. Today’s businesses and nations rely on cooperation with other nations, as well as collaborations with businesses and people outside their own borders. But citizens of some countries have a much easier time traveling the world than others.

Nomad Capitalist, an organization focused on worldwide asset diversification, created the Nomad Passport Index as a way to rank countries based on the usefulness of their passports. Specifically, the index ranks countries based on how easy it is for their citizens to move freely between countries. It also considers their exposure to overseas taxes as well as the rights they are granted domestically.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed the Nomad Passport Index for 2018 to determine the world’s 25 strongest passports. It may come as a surprise to Americans, but the United States failed to make the top 25, coming in 35th, tied with Slovenia.

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