Special Report

Best (and Worst) Movie Remakes of All Time

In their perpetual pursuit of profits, movie studios often remake films rather than take a risk on something completely new. These safe bets often pan out, as audiences flock to the theater to see the new rendition of a familiar title. In some instances, moviegoers find that the remake has accomplished the uncommon feat of surpassing the original flick in quality.

The likelihood of a remake being great largely depends on the reasons behind its production. When films are remade to cash in on the original’s success, they frequently fail to recapture the magic. When a movie is remade because the filmmakers see ways to reinterpret or improve on the telling of the story, they are often excellent.

24/7 Wall St. determined the best and worst movie remakes of all time by creating an index based on user ratings from the Internet Movie Database and Rotten Tomatoes.

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