The Best Place in Each State to Enjoy the Water

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As spring turns into summer and temperatures continue to climb, people will spend more and more time outdoors. Americans will look for ways to enjoy the warm weather and cool down, and for many, that means spending their days in, or on, the water.

Going out to a lake or ocean is such a popular pastime because it offers enough options for anyone to enjoy. People who love swimming can jump right in for a dip, while those who would rather relax can sunbathe on the shore. Adrenaline junkies can zip around the water on a jet ski, and those who would prefer to take it slow can grab a rod and go fishing.

There are thousands of lakes and rivers all across America, and two oceans, that people can visit. Of course, not all Americans live near large bodies of water, while others are fortunate to live close to such natural wonders and indulge in their favorite aquatic activities whenever the weather is right.

To determine the best place to enjoy water sports in each state, 24/7 Wall St. tallied various water-related features in U.S. counties, such as marinas, designated fishing areas, port and harbor operations, and other water transportation infrastructure.

Various water sporting options in all of the places on this list are enjoyed by local residents and high numbers of tourists alike every year. To verify this and the popularity of recreational water activities in these areas, we reviewed various internet sources and local reports including tourism boards, vacation review websites, and local water sport businesses.

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