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The Most Commonly Spoken Foreign Language in Each State

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6. Colorado
> Most popular language: German
> Residents who speak German at home: 20,901
> German-speaking population: 0.4%

German is the most commonly spoken foreign language in seven states. While 20,901 people living in Colorado speak the language, nearly 760,000 state residents have German ancestry, nearly 14% of the state’s population.

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7. Connecticut
> Most popular language: Portuguese
> Residents who speak Portuguese at home: 41,573
> Portuguese-speaking population: 1.2%

Portuguese is the leading foreign language in four states, including Connecticut. More than 41,500 state residents speak Portuguese, or about 1.2% of the state’s population. About 1.0% of the population has Portuguese ancestry.

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8. Delaware
> Most popular language: Chinese
> Residents who speak Chinese at home: 8,052
> Chinese-speaking population: 0.8%

Chinese is the most commonly spoken foreign language in Delaware. In Delaware, 10,574 residents have Chinese ancestry, which is not far from the 8,052 state residents who speak the language at home.

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9. Florida
> Most popular language: Haitian
> Residents who speak Haitian at home: 401,919
> Haitian-speaking population: 1.9%

The Sunshine State is home to the largest Haitian-speaking population in the country. Of the 866,168 people who speak Haitian in the U.S., 401,919 live in Florida. Haitian, or Haitian Creole, is one of the official languages of Haiti. Those who speak Haitian Creole in Florida make up nearly 2% of the state’s population.

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10. Georgia
> Most popular language: Korean
> Residents who speak Korean at home: 48,900
> Korean-speaking population: 0.5%

Georgia is the only state with Korean as its most commonly spoken foreign language, after Spanish. There are 58,724 residents in Georgia with Korean ancestry, not far above the 48,900 who currently speak the language in the state. Georgia may have a larger Korean population because of the state’s close ties with Korea. The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, Southeast U.S. Korean Chamber of Commerce, Korean American Chamber of Commerce, and Korean American Coalition are all located in Atlanta, Georgia.