Special Report

100 Most Popular Musicians on Tour This Spring

Charles Stockdale

The immense size of this year’s Coachella festival — which is projected to draw 125,000 attendees each day — proves that there is still huge demand for live music. And the event’s approximately 160 musical acts indicate that there are plenty of artists eager to perform.

Of course, three-day long music festivals in a desert in California are not always the most convenient way for music lovers to see their favorite acts. Fans rely on artists to put in the time and go on tour, hopping from city to city, so they can catch some of that live music magic — along with the showmanship and everything else that goes along with a good music concert.

With the arrival of spring, people are once again leaving their homes in search of things to do — and concerts are among the most popular options. 24/7 Tempo has identified the 100 most popular musicians on tour this spring, based on followers on music-tracking site Songkick and online interest in each performer. Only musicians with concerts scheduled between April 23 and June 21 — the last day of Spring — were included.

Just like rock, pop, and hip hop/R&B are the three most popular music genres, rock, pop, and hip hop/R&B artists are the most popular touring musicians. And while fans still love older acts such as The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, the majority of performers that have the most fans tracking them are popular new musicians.

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To identify the 100 most popular musicians on tour this spring, 24/7 Tempo created an index based on the weighted average of the number of fans tracking an artist’s tour dates on live music-tracking site Songkick as well as the average daily number of visits to the artist’s Wikipedia page over the past 24 months (as of April 23, 2019). To be considered for the ranking, an artist or band needed to currently have scheduled tour dates in the United States and have at least 200,000 fans tracking them on Songkick.

Songkick is a concert listings aggregator that collects listings from sources such as all major ticket vendors, smaller vendors, local listings, and more. Artists and their managers can also manage their own listings on the site. The total number of U.S. tour dates for each artist comes from Songkick and only includes events as of April 23, 2019. Some artists may add or remove events from their schedule so therefore not all events may be reported by Songkick. However, the number of shows listed is the best approximation at the time the data was collected. Each artist’s most recent album refers to the most recent full-length studio album.