Special Report

25 Most Dangerous Drugs

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21. Spironolactone
> Common names/types: Aldactone, CaroSpir
> Common uses: High blood pressure
> Deadly when: Combined with Potassium chloride
> Risks: hyperkalemia

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22. Statins
> Common names/types: Lipitor, Lescol, Crestor
> Common uses: Heart disease
> Deadly when: Combined with Fluconazole
> Risks: muscle weakness and kidney damage or failure,

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23. Synthetic Opioids
> Common names/types: Fentanyl, Actiq, Duragesic, Meperidine, Methadone
> Common uses: Pain relief
> Deadly when: Taken in excess, combined with cocaine and other drugs
> Risks: Accidental overdose

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> Common names/types: Bactrim, Sulfatrim
> Common uses: Antibiotic
> Deadly when: Combined with antihypertensive agents
> Risks: Hyperkalemia

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25. Tobacco
> Common names/types: Cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, chew
> Common uses: Stimulant
> Deadly when: Used over time
> Risks: Lung disease, heart disease, cancer