24/7 Wall St. & Zogby Analytics BattleGround State Poll: Biden, Warren, and Sanders neck and neck in Washington State

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For whom would you vote if the Democratic Primary or Caucus for President was held today and the candidates were…

Joe Biden 19%
Bernie Sanders 18%
Not sure 16%
Elizabeth Warren 14%
Kamala Harris 9%
Jay Inslee 6%
Pete Buttigieg 5%
Beto O’Rourke 2%
Julian Castro 2%
Andrew Yang 2%
Kirsten Gillibrand 2%
Cory Booker 1%
Amy Klobuchar 1%
John Hickenlooper 1%
Tulsi Gabbard 1%
John Delaney 1%
Someone else 1%

Nineteen percent of Democratic likely voters in the state of Washington would vote for the former vice president Joe Biden, who is closely followed by Senator Bernie Sanders (VT-I) at 18% and the undecided (16%). Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) also has a strong showing with 14% of the vote. After taking on Joe Biden in the first debates and receiving a lot of media attention, Senator Kamala Harris (CA-D), Governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee, and Mayor of South Bend Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, round the next list of contenders, all receiving between 5%-9%. The rest of the long list of non-contenders receives 1%-2% of support of Washington Democratic primary voters.

Among the main sub-groups, such as age, race, income, education, and gender, there are distinct lines drawn for support of the top two front-runners, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Biden performs considerably better with men (24%) vs. women (16%) while Sanders performs equally (18% vs. 17%).

As we have observed in nationwide and other battle ground polling done by Zogby Analytics the last two years, Sanders does very well with voters under the age of 50, while Biden does best with voters over the age of 50. Both Biden and Sanders are first and second with voters under the age of 50, while Warren is in third place by at least a two to one margin over the rest of the Democratic primary field. With voters over the age of 50, Warren and Harris are tied with 13%-14% support each. Voters over the age of 65 were more likely to support former vice president Joe Biden (28%), who beats Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren two to one.

Not surprisingly, younger Millennials ages 18-29, were most likely to support no one, as they were the most unsure about their support. The same trend is also true of Generation Z voters, aged 18-24, where Sanders wins two to one and the next closest candidate, Joe Biden is at 12%.

When it came to the support of American women, Bernie Sanders (VT-I), narrowly beats Biden, followed by Elizabeth Warren in third place with 13%, and Kamala Harris (9%). Biden (24%) wins among Democratic male voters, with the usual candidates next in line—Sanders (17%), Warren (13%), and Harris (10%).

In reference to the income of the Democratic likely voters, those whose household income was less than $75K, narrowly supported Sanders over Biden (24% over 21%), while Democrats whose household income was between $75K-$249K, narrowly support Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders (17% over 11%). Support by these income groups for Warren and Harris follow, swapping third and fourth place respectively. The most committed income group, in their support of a particular candidate, are the voting group whose annual household income was $149k-$249k; a third supported Senator Kamala Harris.

Among Hispanics, Sanders bests Biden, 21% to 17%. Bernie Sanders also does best with Democrats without college degrees, beating Joe Biden 24% to 20%, and voters with college degrees favor Joe Biden, with 19%, while Elizabeth Warren is next with 17% support and Sanders and Harris receive 12%.