Special Report

30 NASA Inventions We Use Everyday

While it’s unlikely that any of us will be the first person to set foot on Mars, most of us snap photos with our cellphone cameras daily. We have NASA to thank for that, and for a variety of other modern inventions. Here are the most important American inventions of the 21st century.

It may be obvious that space blankets and astronaut ice cream have their roots in space age research, but it’s less apparent how things like infant formula and laser eye surgery are connected to NASA.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed dozens of modern inventions that exist due to research in the field of space exploration and compiled 30 technologies that we’ve adapted for daily use. Many of these are listed in NASA’s annual publication Spinoff, which highlights inventions with NASA origins.

While all of these technologies weren’t necessarily invented by NASA, they were made possible due to connections such as NASA funding and partnerships, use of NASA research facilities or patents, help from NASA scientists, or data from NASA research laboratories. Here are some technologies that will change the way we live.

Unlike the modern inventions we no longer use, these are employed daily to save lives, improve environmental sustainability, and help keep humans healthy.

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