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Popular Products You Can’t Find Outside of America

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6. Cheez-Its

Crackers, like many snack foods, often showcase local tastes — and some crackers are uniquely American. So while you can find most crackers and snacks outside the U.S. — even if sometimes the flavor profiles are different (prawn cocktail Pringles in Europe and sweet basil Lay’s chips in Thailand) — finding Cheez-Its crackers is generally a no go. It’s no secret Americans love their cheese, and these crackers made by Kellogg are but one example.

7. Frank’s Red Hot

Like snacks, hot sauces (and pastes) tend to mirror the local flavor — be it Indonesian sambal oelek, North African harissa, habanero sauces from south of the border, or the now ubiquitous in the U.S. (originally from Thailand) sriracha. None, though, is McCormick-owned Frank’s Red Hot, which is hard to find outside the U.S. or Canada.

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8. Easy Cheese

Perhaps no American food is as alien to non-Americans as liquid cheese, particularly aerosol cheese. While non-Americans might be able to wrap their heads around individually wrapped slices of American cheese, squeeze cheese is something else altogether.

Distributed by Mondelez International, Nabisco Easy Cheese is perhaps the ultimate American-only product. Similarly products include Kraft Cheez Whiz and Velveeta.

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9. Garbage disposals

While the debate regarding their environmental impact has not reached a definite conclusion, one thing is certain — garbage disposals have not been adopted to a large extent outside the U.S.

Perhaps, yet again, Americans’ love of convenience is the reason for their wide adoption in America. Regardless, Europeans and other non-Americans are often baffled by the devices.

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10. Wonder bread

You’d think something as mundane as bread wouldn’t be such a curious product, but that’s exactly what Wonder Bread — or other similarly soft white, sliced bread — is to non-Americans. It is too sweet and too soft to those who didn’t grow up on white bread sandwiches.