Special Report

Places in Every State Where COVID-19 Is Growing the Fastest

More than 150,000 Americans are confirmed to have died from COVID-19 — by far the highest death count of any country. Within the United States, the extent of the spread varies considerably from state to state, and even from county to county. As the number of daily new cases is flattening or even declining in some parts of the country, it continues to surge at a growing rate in others.

Using data from state and local health departments, 24/7 Wall St. compiled and reviewed the average of new daily confirmed COVID-19 cases for the week ending July 27 and compared it to the average of new daily cases from the previous week to determine the county in each state where the virus is spreading the fastest. We excluded counties with populations of fewer than 5,000 people, as well as those with fewer than 20 reported new cases in the past 14 days. 

The average number of new daily cases per capita nationwide has increased only slightly week-over-week, from 19.8 per 100,000 during the week ending July 20 to 20.4 per 100,000 in the week ending July 27, an increase of less than one daily new cases per 100,000 people. Some counties on this list reported relatively modest increases. In four states — Hawaii, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont — no qualifying county had a week-over-week increase of at least one average daily new case per 100,000 residents. At the other end of the spectrum, one county on this list reported a surge of 90 daily new cases per 100,000 people in just one week, from an average of 83 daily new cases per 100,000 residents two weeks ago to an average of 172 per 100,000 the past week.

Generally, the counties on this list where new cases are increasing the fastest — not just in their state but also nationwide — are in states where the virus has been spreading the most in recent weeks, and vice versa. As of July 27, week-over-week growth has slowed or even declined in many states, but there are some exceptions, including Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, and Georgia. The counties on this list in those four states have had among the worst increases in COVID-19 in the country.

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