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The Weirdest Job in Every State

46. Virginia
> Weirdest job: Dinosaur Land manager

White Post, Virginia, is home to Dinosaur Land, a roadside attraction full of life-size fiberglass dinosaurs and other animals. Dinosaur Land’s founder passed away in 1987, and the site is currently managed by his daughter.

Source: Steve Debenport / Getty Images

47. Washington
> Weirdest job: Horticultural therapist

Horticultural therapy can help people feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally by having them tend to a garden. The American Horticultural Therapy Association is located in Seattle.

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48. West Virginia
> Weirdest job: National Parks Service ghost town employee

Thurmond, West Virginia, is a former railroad town now left long abandoned. The ghost town is now overseen by the National Parks Service, which maintains a visitor’s center in the town’s former railroad depot.

Source: ifollowthe3way / iStock via Getty Images

49. Wisconsin
> Weirdest job: Cheese curd taster

Wisconsin is known for its cheese industry. The state produces about half of all specialty cheese made in the United States. So of course the state would be home to some unusual cheese-related jobs. Madison, Wisconsin-based EatStreet is hiring a “curd nerd” to travel across the state and find the best cheese curd.

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50. Wyoming
> Weirdest job: Roof snow and ice clearer

Wyoming is prone to major blizzards and heavy snowfalls that can put tremendous strain on roofs, causing damage and leaks or potentially worse. Snow and ice buildup clearers in the state make sure this does not happen.