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The Weirdest Job in Every State

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1. Alabama
> Weirdest job: Paranormal tour guide

Paranormal tour guides take brave tourists through the haunted history of Alabama. Guides working for the Birmingham Historic Touring Company, for example, take people for ghost walks, cemetery tours, and to haunted houses.

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2. Alaska
> Weirdest job: Commercial diver

Commercial diving is one of the more dangerous jobs on this list. Divers can work in one of Alaska’s offshore oil rigs or the state’s extensive fishing industry.

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3. Arizona
> Weirdest job: Bingo manager

Bingo is big in Arizona — it is legal as both a recreational activity and for the purpose of fundraising for some organizations. In 2019, Gila River Hotels & Casinos in Phoenix broke two Guinness World Records, hosting a game with the largest bingo balls and the largest bingo card.

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4. Arkansas
> Weirdest job: Cooling and freezing equipment operators

Cooling equipment operators run freezing and cooling units used to store and preserve food, chemicals, and other items. Arkansas, with a large agricultural industry, has an estimated 550 workers in this occupation, one of the highest of any state and by far the highest relative to the size of its workforce.

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5. California
> Weirdest job: Dog surfing instructor

As host of the World Dog Surfing Competition with over 3,000 miles of coastline, California is arguably the only state where it makes sense to have a job teaching dogs how to surf.