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These Are The Best Suburbs To Live In Your State

Suburbs — loosely defined as residential areas in close proximity to a larger city — have been a bastion of the American middle class for over half a century. Suburban communities offer many of the perks of urban living, such as access to jobs, culture, and entertainment, without many of the drawbacks like crime and small living spaces. 

Interest in suburban living appears to have surged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Private suburban homes and yards provide families with more living space as they stay home during the pandemic. These are the places in every state where COVID-19 is growing the fastest right now

24/7 Wall St. created a weighted index of 11 measures — including commute time, home size, crime rates, and affordability — to identify the best suburb in every state. Suburbs were ranked higher in this index if they performed especially well in these measures in comparison to the closest major city.

Many of the qualities Americans likely look for in an ideal suburb — like a strong economy and safe streets — are the same qualities that make any community, urban or rural, attractive. Partially as a result, many of the neighborhoods on this list also rank among the best places to live in the United States in general. Here is a look at America’s 50 best cities to live in

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