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These Are the Most Iconic Fall Fashion Trends Through the Years

The autumn season is often regarded as a symbol of change and new beginnings. This applies to fashion choices as well. But fall has a way of sneaking up. One day you’re putting on your shorts and sandals, and the next you’re in need of a jacket.

Last year’s jacket, however, might not be that fashionable this year, although fashion has a way of repeating itself and perhaps that jacket from the ’90s you keep deep in the wardrobe is making a comeback. Throughout the years, fall fashion has changed, and ahead of fall, 24/7 Tempo compiled a list of several iconic fall styles through the years.

In the grand scheme of things a century is not a very long time. But when it comes to fashion, it might as well be a millenia ago. It may be the difference between a girdle that is about to cut off blood circulation and comfortable leggings that are so in vogue today.

Changes in fashion are often driven by anything from technology, popular culture, social norms, and celebrities’ influence. America’s most popular fashion influencers, for example, may surprise you.

Many trends emerge over the years and leave their mark in fashion history. Some of them are even making a comeback with a cool new and freshened up look. Often the designers of today draw inspiration from designers of the past.

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To compile a list of 30 iconic fall fashion trends through the years, 24/7 Tempo reviewed fashion industry sources and media reports. The styles’ iconic status was based on name recognition, influence on fashion, legacy, and enduring fame.