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The Most Exciting Races in Indy 500 History

The Indianapolis 500 is often known as “The Greatest Spectacle In Racing,” with cars speeding around the track at over 200 mph with drivers chasing Indy 500 glory. The race is thrilling, often featuring crashes, daring passes, and photo finishes. 

While every Indy 500 features some exciting moments, a handful of the 104 races so far stand out as some of the most exciting races in motor sports history. 

To determine the most exciting Indianapolis 500 races in history, 24/7 Wall St. used data from auto racing database Racing-Reference to create an index, considering such factors as race time, number of lead changes, and margin of victory.

There have been a number of incredible finishes at the Brickyard in the 100-plus years of the Indianapolis 500. Fans have been on hand to see last second comebacks, legendary duels between drivers, and underdog winners coming from out of nowhere to earn their spot in victory lane.

Another aspect that makes the Indy 500 exciting is the background stories of drivers and teams going into race day. There have been fathers racing with their sons, miraculous recoveries from crashes, women making history by qualifying, and bitter feuds that boil over on the track. 

The thrill of the  Indianapolis 500 has made its way several times to Hollywood. Over the years, a number of directors have been able to distill the excitement of racing and competing into a big budget blockbuster. These are the greatest sports movies of all time.

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