November Online Financial Site Stats: Yahoo! (YHOO) Losing Its Lead

Based on November online audience numbers from comScore, Yahoo! Finance (YHOO) is losing the huge lead that it once had over MSN Money (MSFT) and AOL Finance (TWX).

In November 2006, Yahoo! Finance had 406 million pageviews. AOL Finance had 239 million and MSN Money 155 million. Last month, the Yahoo! figure was 344 million followed by AOL at 338 million and MSN at 151 million. Not exactly the kinds of numbers Yahoo! wants to post.

In the tier of financial websites below the three portals, Dow Jones (DJ) sites had 95 million pageviews, down slightly from November of last year. Forbes had a big drop from 84 million pageviews last November to 56 million last month. CNN Money was fairly flat at 55 million pageviews. BusinessWeek has 21 million pageviews, up slightly. But the site still trails its rivals by a wide margin.

The (TSCM) dropped modestly year-over-year to 20 million pageviews. Reuters (RTRSY) rose slightly to 29 million pageviews. And, almost tripled to 29 million pageviews.

Yahoo! Finance has some work to do.

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Douglas A. McIntyre