Intel (INTC) Starts A Car Repair Company

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Hand it to Andrew Grove, the former CEO of Intel (INTC). He wrote a book about how paranoid he is and why that kept his company ahead of the competition. It turns out he is also a fan of science fiction.

Grove believes that Intel can fix the car industry along with all the PCs and servers that it makes work. At least he remains ambitious in his old age.

According to The Wall Street Journal, "Former Intel Corp. chairman Andrew Grove is pushing the world’s biggest maker of microprocessors to consider a new venture — becoming a manufacturer of advanced batteries for plug-in electric cars."

Aside from being completely impractical, it is a brilliant idea.

Grove does not appear to want to acknowledge that companies as astute as Toyota (TM) and Honda (HMC) have not been able to unlock the problems of battery life and charging in a way that would make the electric car practical. A number of electronics companies have made efforts as well. So far, even though they are experts in their fields of stored power, no dice.

Intel has enough trouble keeping up with the technology advances at AMD (AMD). Grove may be brilliant, but he is also stupid.

Douglas A. McIntyre