Credit Suisse has set an Outperform rating and $290 price target on Amgen shares. That target implies more than 20% upside to the stock's recent trading price.
Some small-cap companies will screen as having deep value, but many value stocks are deemed to be "cheap" because they lack any new catalysts and opportunities.
AC Immune stock was absolutely crushed on Wednesday after the firm announced disappointing results from its midstage Alzheimer’s disease study.
MediciNova has announced progress in its COVID-19 vaccine prototype, which stands out from the rest as it is administered intranasally.
The race for the COVID-19 vaccine is still very much on, and Johnson & Johnson just announced the launch of a Phase 3 trial.
It is fair to ask if Illumina's stock has fallen too much on the acquisition announcement. After all, Grail could revolutionize how cancer is screened and ultimately how it is treated.
Illumina shares dipped early Monday after the company announced that it would be making a critical acquisition of Grail.
Truist Securities initiated CorMedix with a Buy rating and a $20 price target. The stock closed below $5 a share on Friday.
Precision oncology company PMV Pharmaceuticals intends to price more than 7.35 million shares for an initial public offering valued up to around $152 million.
As an approved COVID-19 vaccine nears completion in terms of clinical trials, what can we expect? In the past couple of weeks, firms working toward this goal have taken steps forward and back, which...
Gilead Sciences would not be the first company to pile on more debt to make an acquisition, but it is now eating deep into its cash for this acquisition.
Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: RIGL) has announced that it will push forward with a midstage trial in the treatment of COVID-19.
Sorrento Therapeutics shares jumped on Thursday after the company announced that it received approval from the FDA for its COVID-19 treatment.
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals has announced positive interim 24-week liver biopsy results in four subjects from its midstage study of ARO-AAT. Shares rallied on the news early Wednesday. 
On Tuesday, Canaccord Genuity reiterated its rating on Atara Biotherapeutics and raised its wildly bullish target price even higher.