CEO Performance

Tech companies have laid off hundreds of thousands of workers but their chief executives have not been fired or resigned.
Amazon CEO Jassy blamed the firings on the economy, which is only partially true. He has to take a substantial part of the blame.
CEOs who undercut financial performance and the public’s confidence in their products and services should be candidates for dismissal.
David Zaslav of Warner Bros. Discovery is 24/7 Wall St.’s “Worst CEO of 2022.”
After news that two large creditors plan to cooperate in dividing up the assets of used car company Carvana, the stock collapsed.
24/7 Wall St.'s third candidate for the Worst CEO of 2022 is Andy Jassy of Amazon.
24/7 Wall St.'s second candidate for the Worst CEO of 2022 is Ernest Garcia III of Carvana.
24/7 Wall St.'s first candidate for the Worst CEO of 2022 is Mark Zuckerberg of Meta Platforms.
Warner Bros. Discovery's CEO was supposed to be the smartest media executive in the industry. That has not worked out at all.
Bob Iger’s comments to Disney’s senior management largely centered around support of plans by his predecessor, Bob Chapek.
Can Bob Iger resurrect Disney or is the company too broken to fix?
Amazon's CEO suggested he will gut the cloud and e-commerce employee base beyond the 10,000 people he has pushed out into the economic winter.
It is nearly a miracle that Target CEO Brian Cornell still has his job.
The undermining of the success of Amazon’s e-commerce business leaves it vulnerable and will cost thousands of Amazon workers their jobs.
Disney CEO Chapek’s past performance has been poor. It appears the future will not be any better.