CEO Performance

Ford’s problem has gone beyond the details of why it is not doing well to a concern that its CEO is not the right person to handle it.
Softbank's founder and chief executive officer has wiped out billions of dollars of the company’s market cap on risky bets.
MicroStrategy is the latest new-age financial firm to implode.
Robinhood management gambled that people would continue to trade via its easy-to-use smartphone app. The CEO did not see that there was a change coming.
Despite the best efforts of Walt Disney management and board, the company’s poor image on Wall Street will not go away.
The Pinterest board has dumped its CEO and co-founder in favor of a Google executive, but is it too late for a turnaround?
For years, Disney has been among the most admired companies in America. The current CEO has ruined that and had his contract renewed at the same time.
Its chief executive has nearly ruined Target, and it will take a very long time for it to recover.
Gap's chief executive officer has been at the helm as the company has moved to retail irrelevancy.
Boeing's CEO has presided over a series of missteps that would have caused almost any chief executive to lose his job. Yet, he remains at the helm of the aerospace and defense giant.
Electric vehicle maker Lordstown may not survive to see the end of 2022, but its chief executive officer will be a rich man regardless.
The market has lost all faith in electric vehicle maker Rivian and its chief executive.
Carvana has become America’s worst-managed company. CEO Ernie Garcia III and his father Ernie Garcia II have done irreparable damage to their shareholders. It shows in the stock price. Its...
Walt Disney Company has gone from one of America's most admired companies to one mired in controversy. Something has to change.
CVS Health ranks fourth on the Fortune 500 list, and its CEO took up the reins in February of this year.