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America’s Fastest Shrinking Cities

The U.S. population grew by less than 1% last year, among the slowest rates in decades. Metropolitan areas continue to grow faster than rural areas. Still, among the nation’s 381 ...
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Universities Getting the Most Money from the Federal Government

The cost of a higher education -- which can often help fund world-class research, academic instruction, and state-of-the-art athletic facilities -- is infamously high in the United States. Tuition and ...
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Retailers Closing the Most Stores

This March, for the second time in just over two years, RadioShack filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company has already made plans to close more than 500 stores nationwide. ...
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Best Cities for Waiters and Waitresses

Waiting tables is one of the most common occupations in the United States. There are 2.5 million waiters and waitresses nationwide, often working for low wages and customer tips. Earning ...
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The Largest Employer in Every State

Most state economies are relatively diverse, yet it is not uncommon for a single industry to have an outsized impact on the state's economy and labor market. In some cases, ...
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25 Highest Paying Jobs

Wages of middle- and low-income earners increased in 2016 faster than wages of the highest earners. However, this increase does not come close to closing our nation’s income gap. The ...
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States With Highest and Lowest Taxes

In the U.S. federalist system, each state government decides how to generate revenue -- that is, which taxes to collect, and how. No state tax code is identical, and largely ...
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25 Lowest Paying Jobs in America

The U.S. economy has recovered considerably since the financial crisis of 2008-2009, with unemployment down substantially from its recession peak of nearly 10%. New minimum wage laws in some U.S. states, ...
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The Happiest (and Most Miserable) Cities in America

In the United States Declaration of Independence, the pursuit of happiness is considered an inalienable right of all Americans. Finding happiness and fulfillment, however, is no easy feat, and some ...
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Companies With the Best (and Worst) Reputations

It came to light in September that Wells Fargo had fraudulently opened over 2 million credit card and banking accounts without approval from customers, allowing the bank to collect $2.6 ...
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States Using the Most Mind-Altering Drugs

Over the Great Recession, an estimated 7 million Americans lost their homes, 7.6 million lost their jobs, and nearly every American experienced lower economic security. Along with economic hardship and ...
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15 Cities With the Most High-Tech Jobs

Economic growth has always been at the forefront of political discourse, but likely even more so since the Great Recession. How to achieve widespread prosperity has been a matter of ...
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Cities With the Highest (and Lowest) Unemployment Rates

The U.S. labor market has improved remarkably in recent years, as the unemployment rate has fully returned to pre-recession levels. The national unemployment rate reached 4.7% in December, the same ...
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The Best (and Worst) States for Business

For 83 straight months, nearly seven years, the U.S. private sector has added jobs. Unemployment has steadily declined and remains close to a 10-year low. And with investors confident about ...
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20 Groceries Driving Up Your Bill the Most

Many American consumers have been felt the effect of rising food prices on their grocery bills. Between 2006 and 2016, the price of food has increased by 27.8%, outpacing the ...
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