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delapitated house run down

The Worst Counties to Live In

The U.S. population reached 316.5 million in 2015, an increase of 12.5 million from five years ago. In some areas of the country, however, the population declined substantially over that ...
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Exploding Light Bulb Innovation

The Most Innovative Companies

After a decline in 2015, U.S. patenting activity rose to a record high in 2016. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted 304,126 patents last year, up from 298,407 in ...
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Counties That Voted Most Heavily for Trump in Every State

Donald Trump will officially become president on January 20. His election has prompted a wide range of reactions, from supporters believing he is a populist leader to opponents fearing his ...
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Male CEO Standing in Front of a Large Group of Business People

The Best CEOs of 2016

Many factors influence a company's performance -- some within the control of corporate leadership and some outside out of it. Anything from government regulations, economic conditions, the price of oil, ...
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Teacher presenting investment strategy to become a successful business

The Best (and Worst) Investments of 2016

Year-end reviews allow investors to examine which investments did well and which were better left out of the portfolio. They also provide a summary of trends, and perhaps hint at ...
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Big empty billboard on the background of the city

10 Brands That Will Disappear in 2017

A great deal needs to happen for an established brand to die. Brands can have immense power and the fortunes of a brand do not necessarily reflect the company's ...
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man and woman working successful business

America’s Most and Least Successful Companies in 2016

The stock market provides a practical means for many companies, large and small, to raise capital. It is also a way for individual investors to profit tremendously -- if they ...
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Female drinking water healthy lifestyle

The Most (and Least) Healthy States: A Survey of All 50

Progress in a society can be measured by steady improvement in health outcomes. The United States has made progress in some health areas over the years. Other health issues, however, ...
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fired, layoff, laid off, unemployed

American Cities Losing the Most Jobs This Year

The U.S. economy added roughly 2.4 million workers over the past year. Over the same period, the unemployment rate fell from 5.0% to 4.9%, close to the lowest it has been ...
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Wheat field being harvested

America’s 25 Thriving Industries

The United States added 5.7 million jobs to the economy over the past decade. Jobs were not added evenly across all industries, with some shedding jobs and others adding them. ...
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Front shot of Iowa Capitol in Des Moines.

The Best and Worst Run States in America: A Survey of All 50

Comparing the quality of governance between states can be challenging. The decisions state governors, legislators, city mayors and other elected officials make can have wide-reaching effects on state residents, and ...
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Helping Elderly

Countries With the Most Generous Welfare Programs

Public social spending has remained at approximately 21% of GDP on average since 2009 across 34 member nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Public spending in the ...
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Sad Graduate, Student Debt

States With the Most (and Least) Student Debt

Total student debt in the United States, at approximately $1.26 trillion, is the second largest consumer debt in the country after mortgages. The average debt of all U.S. college ...
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Doha at Night, Qatar

The Richest Countries in the World

The distribution of wealth across the globe is anything but even. North America is home to just 4.9% of the world’s population — and 26.5% of its wealth. Meanwhile, South ...
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Creepy Old Abandoned House, ghost town

20 American Ghost Towns

The U.S. housing market has recovered substantially since the housing crisis. The improvement, however, has been uneven, and in many U.S. cities housing markets continue to struggle. In some, property ...
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