Dividends and Buybacks


Bad Headlines and Huge Deals Put Top Dividend Stocks on Sale

Investors who have been around the block know that often the best time to buy a stock, especially a solid company with a mature franchise, is when an event that ...
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Analyst Has 4 Dividend Stocks to Buy With Big Q4 Potential

Portfolio managers and others in charge of investments are facing an up year, but many are trailing their benchmarks. There is nothing worse for active managers than trailing your benchmark, ...
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Merrill Lynch Has 5 Buy-Rated Stocks With 35% to 85% Upside Potential

In a pricey market, it gets harder and harder to find stocks that look solid and have the kind of upside potential that warrant owning in a period when volatility ...
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Merrill Lynch Makes a Big New Addition to the US 1 List

With earnings reports for the third quarter underway, and the fourth quarter of 2016 in full swing, many of the top companies we follow on Wall Street are making some ...
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4 Super Safe Dividend Stocks to Survive the Election Fallout

While it has become somewhat clear that the stock market and much of Wall Street may be rooting for a Hillary Clinton victory, a come-from-behind victory by Donald Trump could ...
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blue chip stocks

5 Blue Chip Stocks With Solid Dividends That Analysts Want You to Buy Now

The week of October 14 was a volatile one, considering how there has been a lack of volatility most of the summer. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) ended the week ...
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The World Is Very Dangerous: 4 Dividend Defense Stocks to Buy Now

Every day we see it, the violence and fighting, especially in the Middle East, going on unabated, and with Iran being removed from prior sanctions and restrictions, there is another ...
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4 Top Dow Jones Stocks With Big Dividends Are Down in 2016

In a year when things have gone pretty good for most companies, and the indexes are all on track to finish higher, it would seem to be somewhat of an ...
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UBS Makes Huge Q4 Addition to Popular Dividend Ruler Portfolio

With the fear of higher rates weighing on many of the bond proxy sectors like telecom, real estate investment trusts and utilities, it is important to remember that dividends are a ...
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4 Top Banks to Buy as Rates Are Going Higher in December

The conventional wisdom on Wall Street, if there truly is such a thing, is that rising rates are bad for stocks and can put a damper on the overall market. ...
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4 Contrarian Stocks to Buy Yielding 5% or More With Big Upside Potential

Rates are still near the lowest levels in history, but by the way dividend stocks are being sold, you would think the late 1970s and early 1980s were right around ...
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Should Twitter Return Its Cash to Investors?

With its potential buyers gone, and a business stuck in reverse, one thing Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) could do is turn its hoard of cash back to investors, probably via ...
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Battered Dollar Bill

Trump or Clinton Means Weaker Dollar: Buy These 4 Dividend Stocks

Despite the pollsters are giving Hillary Clinton a 70% to 80% chance of victory in less than a month, stranger things have happened. Ronald Reagan trailed Jimmy Carter by 15 points in ...
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Top Yielding Stocks Are On Sale: Now Is the Time to Start Nibbling

It is amazing how top quality stocks that pay good dividends have been tossed out like the proverbial baby with the bath water. All this despite the fact that while ...
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Risks Becoming More Clear in Long-Dated Treasuries as Yields Keep Rising

Nothing lasts forever, and maybe that applies to incredibly low interest rates. The pressure remains high against bond prices as October gets off to a start. U.S. Treasury yields have ...
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