Dividends and Buybacks


Time to Sell Utilities, but Time to Buy 3 Other Great Dividends

Well, the ride was good while it lasted, and people who have been long the utility sector have not only been paid stellar dividends, but the stocks have traded up ...
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4 Big Dividend Stocks With Upside to Buy in a Very Overbought Market

While the post-Brexit rally has been outstanding, the market looks very overbought and ready to digest some of the big gains we have seen. The good thing for investors is ...
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Jefferies Says Buy These Ultra High-Yield Stocks Into Q2 Earnings

Once again interest rates continue to sink as investors from around the world buy U.S. Treasury securities at some of the lowest rates in the history of our debt. The ...
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UBS Very Positive on Telecom: 4 Dividend Stocks to Buy

In a market that has been all over the place this year, from down 12% to hitting new all-time highs, the outperforming sectors have been the ones usually reserved for ...
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S&P 500 Sector Laggards Offer Great Dividend Stocks: 4 to Buy Right Now

Any time the markets hit and establish new all-time highs, the concern among Wall Street professionals is always what catalyst is there to drive stocks higher? One thing is for ...
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4 High Dividend Yields Close to 5% That Are Often Overlooked

At the turn of the century, most banks offered five-year certificates of deposit (CDs) that yielded a stunning 5% and were guaranteed up to $250,000. These days, five-year CDs yield ...
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5 Companies Likely Buying Back the Most Stock in June and July

With stocks on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 having just hit record highs, investors need at least a bit of an explanation here. After all, this ...
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4 Stocks to Buy Yielding 8% or More as Yields Continue Plunge

Most investors know that buying the U.S. 30-year Treasury bond at a 2.17% yield logically makes little sense, especially with yields hitting lows seen just once in almost 60 years. The ...
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Dividend Growth Trends Now Shown to Be Under Pressure for Dow and S&P Stocks

Investors love dividends and stock buybacks. Buybacks can signal a short-term opportunistic action if a share price is low, or they can offset dilution from stock options or acquisitions. Dividends ...
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With Markets Trading Near All-Time Highs, These 4 Dividend Stocks Look Safe

After a blistering sell-off following the Brexit decision, the S&P 500 has rallied back to within a few points of all-time closing highs. Combine that with interest rates at historical ...
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Why Citigroup Is Warning That AT&T and Verizon Yield-Chasing Has Gone Too Far

Despite being booted out of the Dow Jones Industrial Average in early 2015, AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) shares have been a top performing yield stock in 2016. AT&T has even ...
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Enterprise Keeps Defying Outside MLP Gravity with Yet Another Distribution Hike

It was not that long ago that investors were getting ever more comfortable with the master limited partnership (MLP) segment in energy and infrastructure. Most investors believed, or hoped, that the ...
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UBS Dividend Ruler Portfolio Crushes S&P 500: 4 Stocks to Buy Now

With interest rates plunging, many investors that used to use money markets in their portfolios for cash, safety and yield have been put in a very bad position. In an ...
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Rates Are Really Going Nowhere Now: 4 Merrill Lynch Top Dividend Stock Buys

If you thought the scenario for yields rising anytime soon was possible, it sure doesn’t look like it now. In fact, the five-, 10- and 30-year Treasury debt all ended ...
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6 Impressive Bank Dividend and Buyback Hikes After Fed-CCAR Results

It was just last week that investors learned that all of the major banks were shown to have passed their Federal Reserve stress tests. Now the capital return plans (CCAR) ...
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