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Crude Oil Price Gains Despite Another Large Inventory Build

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its weekly petroleum status report Wednesday morning. U.S. commercial crude inventories increased by 8.17 million barrels last week, maintaining a total U.S. commercial ...
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Short Sellers Going Against Warren Buffett and His Top Stocks

Short sellers are often viewed by the investing public as more than just an interesting breed. Sometimes, particularly in bear markets or during market corrections, short sellers are simply hated. After ...
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Buybacks and Dividends at All-Time High in 2014, Even More Seen in 2015

If you are an investor, chances are high that you are among the millions who like to see dividends and stock buybacks. These two strategies have contributed handily to investors' ...
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Wall Street

What the Top Fund Portfolio Managers Are Buying and Selling Now

Six years into a bull market, many investors are wary, and rightfully so. Huge stimulus in the form of three rounds of quantitative easing and super-low interest rates have propped ...
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Gold bars

Will Gold Follow Oil and Fall Back Under $1,000?

The drop in the price of oil has been monumental, and the oil and gas sector is starting to prepare for some much leaner times ahead. The question to ask ...
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Biotechnology word cloud

4 Biotechs Expected to See Huge Buying on PowerShares Rebalance

All the major money management firms that run exchange traded funds have to do regular quarterly rebalances to reset their portfolios to the proper allocation levels. When they do rebalance ...
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ETF investing

Meet Jeff Gundlach’s New Bond King ETF

State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) announced it released a new ETF in Tuesday’s trading session, the SPDR DoubleLine Total Return Tactical ETF (NYSEARCA: TOTL). The ETF was developed by SSGA ...
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Meet the 2015 Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway Stocks

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK-A) has made its quarterly filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission for its holdings as of December 31, 2014. For all practical purposes, this filing is ...
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Strong Dollar, Greek Woes Boost Hedged Equity Funds

As the dollar keeps getting stronger, investors wanting to diversify into international equities are finding a refuge in hedged equity exchange traded funds (ETFs), which offer exposure to foreign stocks ...
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Computer Password

The Driving Force Behind Cybersecurity Stocks

Friday marks the day for the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection. While this event has been on the calendar for some time, we are seeing many moves ...
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Gold and Silver

A True Surprise in Global Gold Demand Trends for 2014, 2015 and Beyond

The World Gold Council (WGC) has released its annual Global Demand Trends for the year 2014, and there are frankly some real surprises here. You would probably expect that an ...
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Crumbling Greek flag with euro

Politics and Uncertainty Take NBG Under $1 and Pound the Greek ETF

There is yet one more bit of evidence that financial markets and investors do not like socialist regimes and the chance of defaults. The leftist Syriza Party won Greece's most ...
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mutual funds

Some MLP Funds Keep Holding Kinder Morgan — Big Time

Kinder Morgan Inc. (NYSE: KMI) is now the top infrastructure stock in the energy sector. Its unit roll-up acquisitions and consolidations have been completed. In November and October it was ...
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What Will Dorsey, Wright Add to Nasdaq OMX?

The Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. (NASDAQ: NDAQ) has announced that it will acquire Dorsey, Wright & Associates, which is a market leader in data analytics, passive indexing and smart-beta strategies. ...
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India flag

Can India Outperform Again in 2015?

India had a good year in 2014, with the Bombay Sensex recording its best performance in five years. Across the board, India made solid gains, from small caps to large ...
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