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Ford F-150 Lightning to Face Challenge From China

Ford F-150 Lightning electric vehicle
jetcityimage / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

China’s electric vehicle (EV) giant BYD, the largest company in the sector, will launch a pickup. CNBC points out that BYD does not sell vehicles in the United States, but industry experts believe that the challenge is temporary. As Japanese cars made it into the United States half a century ago, Chinese EVs will come too, even if it requires them to build plants in Mexico.

The likely challenge from BYD is that it has kept production costs low enough to sell EVs for as little as $10,000. It cannot sell a pickup for a price that low, but the F-150 Lightning is expensive. If BYD can price its pickup below that, Ford will have a problem. (After it fell 58%, Wall Street expects this EV battery stock to soar 230%.)

CNBC points out that it could take on the entire EV pickup sector: “The pickup will look to compete with the likes of the Ford Ranger and F-150 Lightning, the Toyota Hilux and the Tesla Cybertruck.”

Ford and other legacy car companies that want a large slice of the EV business face two challenges. One is Tesla, the industry leader. Another is China, which has over half a dozen financially viable EV makers.

Additionally, every major car company globally has entered the EV market. In particular, Ford’s primary competitors to the F-150 (Ram and the Chevy Silverado) will launch electric versions next year.

F-150 Lightning sales have been slow. Now, it faces growing competition, some of which will eventually come from China.

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