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The Brand That Had Customer Loyalty Destroyed

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Brand value and loyalty studies have become a major part of the American marketing industry. Several of these studies involve brand value. Interbrand is the best known of these. It considers 100 brands, based on its own mix of criteria. Not surprisingly, tech brands such as Apple and Microsoft are in the lead with brands worth well into the hundreds of billions of dollars.
Another take on brands is based on reputation. Among the most well known of these is the Axios/Harris study, which ranks 100 companies on reputation. Grocery, retail and food brands tend to be near the top, with Trader Joe’s in first place. The Trump Organization is at the bottom.

Still another cut at brand research is the Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders, another list of 100. Its yardsticks are the companies that have the “best-practice guidelines for creating and nurturing customer loyalty.” The study covered 1,624 brands in 142 categories.

One of the points of the study is that brand reputation results have moved back to “normal” after some distortion over the COVID-19 pandemic’s first two years. Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president, commented: “The significant re-distribution of loyalty identified in the 2022 loyalty rankings are leading indicators of what a return-to-normalcy marketplace will look like.”

The study looks at brand loyalty rank and how much this has changed year over year by brand. The top brands on the loyalty rank list are Apple and Amazon, which typically rank high in all the brand studies. They were followed by Domino’s and Disney+. Although still considered a brand to which people are loyal, Tesla was at the bottom of the list.

In terms of brands that gained and lost the most in the study, State Farm rose 25 places on the list. MSNBC was second, rising 19 places.

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