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40 Brands That Start With B

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We love brands. They’re all around us. Everywhere you go, you will see all the brands competing for your love and affection (your money, actually). And we trust them. Brands make us feel secure that the product we are using or eating is going to be amazing. Consider it a stamp of approval. You are more likely to have confidence using a brand vacuum cleaner than one made by some guy down the block.

You read about our brands that start with A and enjoyed learning about all those cool things. Naturally, the next letter in the alphabet is B. So now you know where we are going with this.

It’s time to look at the 40 brands that start with B and see all the stuff you already didn’t realize you knew about. There are so many familiar products on this list. You will stop and be amazed at how many brands you know. So sit back, relax, and take in the 40 brands that start with B.

Category 1: Car Companies

1. Bentley

Bentley is one of the brands that start with B that most car lovers know. You know what a Bentley is. It has been around for over 100 years and comes with a lot of style. It is one of the main car brands that everyone knows and wants.

2. BMW

If you thought Bentley was cool, you probably like BMW. This is one of the elite car brands. People love driving them. This brand has also been around for over 100 years. You love driving them, and they will always be fun.

3. Bugatti

Bugatti is also cool. There are not many around anymore. But people love them, and they are a cool brand that begins with the letter B. You can still find some around your part of the country.

4. Buick

Speaking of brands that start with B, you probably have heard of the Buick. A lot of the main Buicks you will see on the road are SUVs. These types of vehicles are good if you fear driving smaller cars. You will feel the power as you cruise down the highway.

5. Benz

Don’t hate on the Benz. They are just as cool as the other cars we have mentioned. It is usually a partner with Mercedes. If you want a smaller car or an SUV, a Benz would work very well for you. It also comes as a jeep. You won’t go wrong with a Benz.

Category 2: Clothing Stores & Lifestyle Brands

1. Baby Gap

It’s like the Gap but for babies. Baby Gap is basically the baby version of Gap. It is where you get all the coolest clothes for your baby when you want something from the Gap.

2. Balenciaga

If you are looking for that expensive purse, Balenciaga is the brand to choose. It is also one of the more fancy brands that start with B. Anytime you go into one of their luxury stores, you will be amazed at all the trendy purses, clothing, and footwear you will find.

3. Banana Republic Factory

The Banana Republic Factory is a brand you can find at many malls. You will get the latest in clothing for women and men. Or, you might want to buy something for the home. They have established a strong brand that continues to live on.

4. Bath & Body Works

You might want something for the bedroom or the bathroom. Bath & Body Works offers all of that. You can find them in your mall and get lost spending a half hour inside looking at all the products. Everything under the Bath & Body Works brand is cool to look at, and you may be persuaded to take something home.

5. Bloomingdale’s

If you want more luxury, you cannot go wrong with Bloomingdale’s. It is one of the signature stores of the famous South Coast Plaza in Southern California and is a very recognizable brand around the United States. The brand has over a million followers on Instagram and is always offering something chic and fashionable.

Category 3: Drink Brands


BACARDI is a rum brand that many drinkers know. The brand is originally from Cuba. But now everyone around the world knows what BACARDI is. You won’t go into many bars or nightclubs without seeing this brand as one of the options to drink.

2. Blossom Hill Rose

When you combine cider and alcohol, you get Blossom Hill Rose. It smells like a beautiful blossing flower. Not only does it smell good, it tastes good, combining all the unique flavors that tickle your senses. There is nothing like it. It’s pretty unique. It’s a pretty delicious drink to try out when going out for a night on the town.

3. Bud Light

You can find Bud Light anywhere. It is one of the iconic brands that start with B. You cannot go anywhere without seeing some. If you go to the store, you will find numerous cases of beer for sale. You can buy some at the next ballgame or concert you go to. It is good for any event and a brand that has been around for a long time.

4. Budweiser

You probably know Budweiser because you used to see the commercials with the frogs slowly saying the Bud-weis-ER. It is hilarious. It is timeless. People still quote that commercial today. The brand has exploded since then and continues to be one of the coolest beer brands in the world.

5. Buxton Water

Not every B brand is alcoholic. Buxton Water provides the perfect drink to cool you down on a very hot day. It is a unique brand with natural mineral water. Drink some Buxton Water when you want to satisfy your thirst.

Category 4: Financial Brands

1. Banco Popular

Banco Popular is a brand that started in Puerto Rico. It still continues to be one of the emerging banks in the United States today. There are several locations in Los Angeles, and it is a popular bank brand.

2. Bank of America

You all know about Bank of America. It is the most recognizable bank brand in the country. The red, white, and blue sign is very easy to spot from a distance, and there is one in every city. Lots of people bank with it. It is a brand that people have come to know and love.

3. Barclays

The Barclays brand is felt all over the world. It is especially felt in Brooklyn, where there is an arena named after it. This brand has been around since the 1800s, and the Spread Eagle is a very well-known logo on the brand.

4. Bitcoin

You have heard all the jokes about Bitcoin. Whatever you think of it, it is a brand that has skyrocketed to the top. It is a very popular financial brand, and many people have converted their money to Bitcoin. It is a brand that is not going away anytime soon.

5. BMO

BMO has a logo that represents vitality and service. It is very well-known in Canana. People in the United States also know the brand as it has been on advertisements at sporting events on the East Coast.

Category 5: Entertainment Brands

1. Barbie

Barbie is iconic. You probably went to see the movie. You might have even played with the doll as a child. She is a character and a brand that has been around for decades. This brand continues to thrive today because it is constantly changing and adapting. Think of all the different Barbie dolls that are out there in addition to the original doll. The brand is so powerful that it produced a very successful blockbuster movie last summer.

2. Bally’s

Bally’s is a brand that is so strong that many people know the red logo when they see it. The brand is all over the map. It has become an entertainment icon. Bally’s has a signature hotel and casino in Las Vegas. While you are there, you can gamble and dine. Then, you can watch your favorite team on Bally Sports. This is another example of how far the brand extends. Bally’s is all over the map, and more people are recognizing it.

3. Batman

You would not have a hard time finding something that did not know this brand. Batman is a popular character that people across the world know. He is also an iconic brand. DC Comics owns the brand. They also have created numerous products based on the brand. You can go to your local Wal-Mart and find Batman toys, toothbrushes, and even mugs with the branded logo. Or, you might want to get a sweatshirt with the famous Batman logo on it. No one can miss that yellow and black logo. It is something that is cemented in many minds and is one of the most famous brands that start with B.

4. Boulder Media

This little animation studio has only been around for approximately 23 years. But it has made a big impact in its short time under Hasbro. The white-lettered logo with black outlining is very impactful and sets the tone. You get a lot of cool cartoons with brilliant animation. This is a brand that is on the rise.

5. Bugs Bunny

Speaking of animation, who doesn’t know Bugs Bunny? He is a brand within a brand. The Looney Tunes brand is timeless. You probably saw a Bugs Bunny cartoon or two when you were young. He is a brand in itself, and you can put him in anything, and he would be entertaining. His image is iconic and still used in many products sold by Warner Brothers and distributed to popular stores like Target and Wal-Mart.

Category 6: Foods

1. Bahlsen

There is nothing like a good cookie. Bahlsen makes delicious cookie biscuits that taste a little different than the typical cookie you eat. You can get chocolate biscuits, which are among their most popular products. They also offer puff pastries and butter biscuits.

2. Barilla

Who doesn’t love pasta? Barilla is an excellent pasta brand. You can find variations of their brand products at any grocery store. In fact, it will probably be the first brand you see when you are walking toward the paste aisle. It is an elite brand and one that will satisfy your cravings.

3. Baskin-Robbins

Ice Cream is always delicious. Imagine driving down the street and seeing that familiar pink logo. You know what I am talking about. The pink and brown logo is a very familiar image that everyone knows when they see one of their favorite ice cream spots. Baskin-Robbins has maintained a strong brand with all the familiar flavors, along with some new tastes over the years. It is a big brand with amazing ice cream.

4. Bay Valley Foods

Sometimes, you just want a pickle. Bay Valley Foods provides that and more. They also provide relish and creamers. You will also see some BBQ sauces with the Bay Valley Foods brand attached to it. You can find it in most grocery stores.

5. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is another ice cream brand. This brand has been all over the map. Not only can you find a location near you, but you can also go also get some of their brand ice cream at the grocery store. They are in many big cities, and constantly offering their 98 flavors to any ice cream lovers.

6. belvita

belVita is a cookie brand that has multiple delicious flavors you can enjoy. belVita Crunchy and belVita Sandwich are the two main types of cookie products you will see in the stores. You can also make some tasty recipes from belVita products. Strawberry banana bread is a good option for you. If you want to make a drink, try a cranberry-orange smoothie. It is one of the stronger cookie brands that start with B.

7. Benecol

We all need butter to put on our bread. Benecol is a popular butter brand that is available in many large grocery stores. You can also use it to cook your meals if you do not have cooking oil as an option.

8. Bertolli

Bertolli is a margarine spread that is similar to butter. It is mostly made from vegetable oil. This margarine brand has a lot of flavor and is good for cooking or baking. Reviewers on Amazon have also stated a nice, mild flavor. The spread has 49 percent vegetable oil. There is also about 11 percent olive oil, with some buttermilk. There are also Vitamins A and D in it. It is a mostly healthy spread to use.

9. Betty Crocker

Bakers love Betty Crocker. This brand is constantly churning out new recipes to try out. Easy blueberry almond muffins are one of the current highlights on their website. This brand is one of the more popular baking entities out there. Betty Crocker is the queen of baking.


Snack bars are always satisfying, especially when they are healthy. BETTY LOU’S is a brand that offers healthy alternatives to the normal, unhealthy snacks you might find in other places. With BETTY LOU’S, you get organic and antioxidant bars. You can get a nut bar or a fruit bar. Additionally, there are also PB&J options.


Not everyone eats meat. There are many people that don’t animals. BEYOND MEAT is a brand that offers vegan options with some meat substitutes. Their specialty is plant burgers. It is a vegan brand that is quickly gaining steam.

12. Boar’s Head

If you need some good meat, you need a brand that will provide you with the best taste and spices. Boar’s Head is over 123 years old. Their brand is associated with numerous meat products. You can put them in your sandwiches and enjoy a hearty meal.


You need some vinegar to add to your meals. BRAGG offers just that with their vitamin products. This brand has many selections to choose from. Apple Cider Vinegar is their newest offering.

14. Bumble Bee Foods

We all need protein. Bumble Bee Foods provides that with their albacore and tuna products. Their canned products come with many options for you to choose from. You can also find some recipes on their website.

15. Burger King

Some brands get new logos. Burger King altered its logo to resemble the original brand that was there in the beginning. The brand is iconic. Two burger patties stuff the words “Burger King.” They are fast food icons! You can even order their famous Burger King sauce on Amazon. This is probably the most legendary brand that starts with the letter B.

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