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Avoid All Diaper Brands, Except These 8

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Whether you opt for cloth diapers or disposable, you’ve got choices when it comes to diaper brands. As parents become more environmentally conscious, many are concerned about how disposable diapers are affecting the planet. Many diaper companies have adapted and found ways to provide eco-friendly options so you can feel good about putting your baby in their diapers.

Mornings are rough when you pick your baby up and they are wet. This means washing sheets, bathing the baby and a new load of laundry before you’ve even started your day. When you’re in a hurry to get your baby dressed and ready before you head to work, constant wet mornings are extremely frustrating.

Another major concern parents have is diaper rash and the effect of disposable diapers on sensitive skin. Fortunately, many diaper companies invested money in new technology and research to protect your baby’s sensitive skin from the constant rubbing against the diaper.

When it comes down to it, you want affordable diapers that have maximum absorption and don’t hurt your baby. We’ve done some research to determine which ones are the best, and we’ve listed eight possible options in no particular order. You’re likely to have a good experience with any of them.

8. Kirkland Signature Diapers

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Kirkland diapers are sold at Costco and have a reputation for being extremely absorbent.
  • Affordable
  • Great leak protection
  • Excellent absorption

The Affordable Option That Prioritizes Quality

Source: Sergii Kozii / Shutterstock
Kirkland diapers are hypoallergenic to protect baby’s skin from irritation.

Kirkland is the Costco version of diapers that are hypoallergenic and made with plant-based materials. There are no natural rubber latex, lotions, fragrances or elemental chlorine. These diapers come with a wetness indicator so you can tell if your baby needs a diaper change without opening it up. 

Kirkland diapers have a breathable, soft outer cover and are super absorbent. Parents report that the lower price doesn’t mean these are lower quality. Each diaper has a stretchy pocketed waistband to contain messes and leaks. There is also a size-up indicator to let you know when it’s time to move your baby up to the next size.

The only potential downside to Kirkland diapers is that they are only available at Costco, so you’ll need a membership to purchase them. With the savings and quality, it may be worth investing in a membership.

7. Huggies Little Snugglers

Source: Mike Windle / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images
Huggies have stood the test of time when it comes to diapers, and are still popular.
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Good absorption

Gentle Skin Protection With Up to 12 Hours of Protection

Source: TwentySeven / E+ via Getty Images
Huggies claim to offer up to 12 hours of leakage protection so you won’t deal with accidents in the night.

Huggies are a common name in the diaper industry, and their Little Snugglers product lives up to their reputation. They come with a curved and stretchy fit for soft, gentle leak protection. They claim to be 100% leak-free to help keep your baby’s skin healthy and dry.

They’ve added a Blowout Blocker in all but the preemie sizes that help keep messes inside the diaper and away from your baby’s skin. They have an umbilical cord cutout so the baby’s belly button can heal without irritation from diapers.

Huggies also sponsors a National Diaper Bank Network to help the 1 in 2 families in the United States who can’t afford diapers.

6. Pampers Pure

Source: Oksana Kuzmina /
Pampers is another long-standing diaper brand that has become increasingly eco-friendly over the years.
  • Eco-friendly practices
  • Clinically proven hypoallergenic
  • 12 hours of protection

Up to 12 Hours of Dryness

Source: monkeybusinessimages / iStock via Getty Images
Pampers diapers have shea butter in the lining to soften and moisturize the baby’s skin.

Pampers is another company that’s been around for decades in the diaper game. These diapers have a wetness indicator, are enhanced with cotton and offer up to 12 hours of dryness protection.

The company adds nourishing shea butter to the liner to protect sensitive skin. They come in ranges from size zero to size seven, so you never have to switch companies until your kids are out of diapers if they work for you.

5. DYPER Bamboo Viscose Baby Diapers

Source: bee32 / Getty Images
DYPER products are made from bamboo.
  • Made without chemicals like fragrance, latex, chlorine or inks
  • Durable and absorbent
  • Return diapers for composting

Return Soiled Diapers for Composting

Source: Everste / iStock via Getty Images
DYPER offers a service where you can return soiled diapers for composting.

DYPER provides a unique service that no other diaper company offers. You can return soiled diapers to be composted if you opt-in for a special service. This allows you to have peace of mind that you’re protecting the environment while still enjoying the convenience of disposable diapers.

Made from Bamboo, these diapers are extremely soft. They are hypoallergenic and soft and have a pH wetness indicator. They have an absorbent core without chlorine pulp and have a delivery and subscription service.

4. Hello Bello Premium

Source: Halfpoint / iStock via Getty Images
Hello Bello diapers are environmentally friendly and come in different patterns.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made without phthalates, latex, fragrance and lotions
  • Come in adorable patterns

A Diaper Service With Discounts

Source: Sean Gallup / Getty Images News via Getty Images
Hello Bello offers a discount to some public service employees.

Also available in a subscription service with diapers and wipes, Hello Bello Premium diapers come in many different designs. They offer a lifetime discount on subscriptions for military members, first responders, nurses and teachers.

These diapers are made in the USA and have a refer-a-friend program for additional discounts. They are an eco-friendly company whose manufacturing plants use 50% less energy than others. They use plant-derived fragrances and organic botanicals and the company claims to be verified by a third party to earn consumer trust.

3. Honest Clean Conscious Diapers

Source: hallohuahua / iStock via Getty Images
Bundle a diaper and wipe subscription to save money with Honest diapers.
  • Toxicologist-verified wetness indicator
  • 12-hour overnight diapers
  • Discount for bundling diapers and wipes

A Large Array of Baby Products

Source: monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images
Honest Company offers a wide array of baby products.

Honest offers much more than diapers. The company also has bathing kits, wipes, treatment ointment, diaper rash cream, bottom wash, shampoo, condition and bubble baths. They have special diapers for overnights with a wetness indicator that they claim provides 12 hours of protection. They are hypoallergenic, pediatrician-tested tested and clinically tested.

Perhaps the best part of Honest diapers is that they were one of the first companies to come up with different prints on diapers. The details change as your baby changes sizes, with a newborn belly button cutout, a poo pocket for bigger sizes, and flex and strength options for when your baby starts walking.

2. Bambo Nature Dream Diapers

Source: FatCamera / Getty Images
Bambo Nature offers a guarantee that the baby’s skin is protected.
  • Produced with 100% sustainable energy
  • Breathable back sheet so skin is comfortable and cool
  • Wetness indicator

A Guarantee to Protect Baby’s Skin

Source: monkeybusinessimages / iStock via Getty Images
Bambo Nature has been around for decades and continues to advance its products.

Bambo Nature Dream Diapers guarantee to keep your baby’s skin safe. With a wetness indicator and ultra-thin designs that still boast strong leakage protection, Bambo products have been in production for more than 35 years. 

Sign up for a diaper subscription and save 10% on your order. The company also offers various products to help with a nighttime routine that keeps even the most sensitive skin safe.

1. Parasol Clear and Dry

Source: jacoblund / iStock via Getty Images
Parasol diapers are dermatologist-ranked.
  • Inner lining designed to prevent diaper rash
  • Rated excellent by dermatologists
  • No-rash guarantee

Ideal for Babies With Sensitive Skin

Source: Eleonora_os / Getty Images
Parasol offers a rash-free guarantee

Parasol has a trademarked RashShield protection to protect your baby’s sensitive skin. Urine is instantly wicked away from the body with the RashShield, lessening the chance of irritation. Dermatest rates these diapers Excellent, and they also come with natural ventilation that allows air to circulate through the diaper.

They also offer a no-rash guarantee, where if you aren’t 100% happy with the product, they’ll refund your money. They also donate 10% of the purchase amount to various children’s charities throughout the world.

Parasol also offers a subscription and delivery service so you won’t run out of diapers and have to make that late-night trip to the store. The company offers $5 diaper samples with eight diapers so you can see if you like them before enrolling.

Parenting Is Hard Enough, Diapers Should Make It Easier

Source: monkeybusinessimages / iStock via Getty Images
Finding the right diaper company is often about trial and error, but these eight brands are a good place to start.

Adjusting to a brand-new baby is hard, and you should be able to trust the products that companies sell. With so many diaper choices on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right option for your baby. The truth is that any of these eight brands are effective and safe, and unless your baby has a severe skin allergy or reaction, you can rest easy that they’ll be safe with any of these products. If you are unsure which diapers are best for your baby, speak to your pediatrician or sample the different ones listed here.


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