C&J Energy Services, Inc. (NYSE:CJES)

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4 Oil Services Stocks With Potential Upside of 75% or More

The key to investing has always been to buy when everybody is selling and to sell when everybody is buying. Seems simple enough, but as all investors know it is ...
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4 Oil Services Stocks to Buy With at Least 20% Upside Potential

Who would have ever thought just one short year ago that the price of oil breaking through $60 would be a victory. The fact of the matter is that while ...
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5 Energy Buyout Candidates as Oil Plunge Continues

One thing the huge drop in oil prices has likely done is speed up the mergers and acquisitions ideas for some of the top companies in the industry looking to ...
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Insider Buying Heats Up in Spite of Big Market Rally

As was noted in last week's report, insider buying had slowed dramatically due to the big rally in the markets. Well, despite continued trading to the upside, and new highs ...
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4 Oil Service Stocks With Huge Upside Despite Lower Oil Prices

The huge drop in spot oil prices has led many on Wall Street that were once big champions on the sector to start to back away. The fact of the ...
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4 Oil Service Stocks With Huge Upside Despite Oil Meltdown

While it seems counterintuitive that oil service stocks could have huge upside when the price of oil is the lowest in over two years, the fact of the matter is ...
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5 High-Profile Stocks With Upcoming Catalysts This Week

Although third-quarter earnings reporting is starting to wind down this week, many top companies are still set to post numbers, and some have additional catalysts that could drive share prices ...
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5 Well-Known Russell 2000 Stocks With Up to 100% Potential Upside

The Russell 2000 is home to the top smaller capitalization stocks, and it has been absolutely killed, not only in the recent sell-off, but the index overall performance this year ...
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Jefferies Lifts Price Targets on Some Top Stocks to Buy

When brokerage firms on Wall Street start to raise price targets on names that have already been doing well, investors should take note. Typically when companies are hitting on all ...
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UBS Top Stocks to Buy for a New Global Economy

Huge increases in productivity from leaps in technology are continuing to shape the way global growth is expanding. New technologies such as 3D printing, advanced robotics, mobile technology and cloud ...
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Top Active Trader Alert Stocks (CJES, CSCO, GMCR, KLIC)

Active traders and day traders have many stocks to choose from this Thursday morning. We are tracking news and  moves in shares of C&J Energy Services (NYSE: CJES), Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ...
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We have more than ten initial public offerings on the docket this week.  If all price, this will be the busiest IPO week since late in 2007 before the recession ...
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