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Closing price August 12, 2022
A new RBC report notes that the gold-mining stocks may be turning around. These stocks make sense for nervous investors looking to add some exposure to gold.
By late morning on Monday, gold was down under $1,450 to its lowest level since August. The good news for gold bugs is that the selling looked swift and temporary.
While investors have jumped into defensive stocks and defensive strategies for too long to easily recount, those defensive strategies are far from attractive if a trade deal with China is going to...
The World Gold Council has released data showing that global gold-backed exchange-traded funds have now reached their highest levels of all-time.
Gold has a long history of ups and downs, and it has been considered one of the key measurements of national reserves for centuries.
An analyst's report makes the case that the top gold mining and royalty stocks have lagged the big move in the actual spot price of gold. These three stocks still offer investors solid upside...
These 12 exchange-traded funds can help even the smallest of retail investors avoid losing their shirts, or even make a profit, during uncertainty in the next major sell-off or stock market crash.
With China devaluing the yuan and halting purchases of U.S. agricultural products in response to President Trump's additional tariffs last week, gold and gold miners are having their day.
After a dismal May, ETF inflows in stock, bond and gold funds were quite strong. Contrarians would ask if the bond ETF class reaching $1 trillion in assets may have market a near-term top too. And...
Many investors maintain holdings of precious metals stocks in their portfolios as a hedge against inflation and the stock's tendency to go up when the market goes down. Here are four solid precious...
If tariffs and an ongoing trade war with China were not enough, now gold bugs get to cheer in silence at a 5% tariff implemented on goods coming from Mexico as an economic tool to fight illegal...
Individual investors are not the only ones interested in ETFs. Many hedge funds, including the world's largest, also invest in ETFs.
If one thing has proven true over the years and works in favor of the gold bugs, it is that the price of gold thrives on geopolitical uncertainty.
It may seem hard for the gold bugs to celebrate that gold was last seen down about 3% in dollar terms so far in 2019, but against the backdrop of what is happening in the global markets, gold...
With the overhang and larger media frenzy around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies having witnessed a death of a thousand cuts, the interest in gold has been coming back with a rising price.