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Closing price November 30, 2021
Now that June is underway, the recent recovery in unemployment and the continued surge in the stock market have managed to surprise just about everyone. These are also hard to fathom in the wake of...
According to the World Gold Council, May marked another month of positive fund flows into gold-backed ETFs.
Now that May’s trading days are over, it’s time to think about June, the summer, and the second half of 2020. The recession is already seeing what economists hope are the worst readings, and the...
Even in bear markets and recessions, some nimble companies either have incredibly resilient management teams or just happen to be in the right place at the right time.
Silver is supposed to track gold to a certain extent, but in 2020 that just is not the case. Silver is proving to live up to its nickname the "Devil's Metal."
Proper asset allocation should always include a holding of precious metals. Not only does it have the potential to hedge inflation over the long term, but such a position can really help if the...
The World Gold Council announced on Wednesday that inflows into gold ETFs rose sharply in March. It was not just the United States driving gold.
Silver is supposed to be correlated to gold, so it should be rising by close to the same amount. Yet, there has been a disparity in the metals market.
With the markets facing a “witches' brew” of potential problems, one way to hedge a sell-off would be to buy gold. Here are five solid stock picks and an ETF for investors to consider.
One area of the financial markets that has grown like wildfire in the past two decades is the rise of exchange-traded funds. Merrill Lynch expects the market for ETFs and related products to rise to...
A new RBC report notes that the gold-mining stocks may be turning around. These stocks make sense for nervous investors looking to add some exposure to gold.
By late morning on Monday, gold was down under $1,450 to its lowest level since August. The good news for gold bugs is that the selling looked swift and temporary.
While investors have jumped into defensive stocks and defensive strategies for too long to easily recount, those defensive strategies are far from attractive if a trade deal with China is going to...
The World Gold Council has released data showing that global gold-backed exchange-traded funds have now reached their highest levels of all-time.
Gold has a long history of ups and downs, and it has been considered one of the key measurements of national reserves for centuries.