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3 Top Defense Stocks That Still Offer Big Upside Potential

Needless to say, the defense industry has had a remarkable run over the past couple of years, with some of the large cap sector leaders turning in outstanding gains for ...
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Top Analyst Has 3 Favorite Aerospace and Defense Stocks to Buy for 2018

To say that the election of Donald Trump as president was bullish for the aerospace and defense sector would be a massive understatement. With shares up over 90%, Boeing Co. ...
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Analyst Loves 5 Defense and Aerospace Giants as Tax Reform Plan Winners

It’s a political hot potato, and the lines are clearly being drawn, but the bottom line is it looks as though the numbers are there for the Republicans to push ...
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Thursday’s Biggest Winners and Losers in the S&P 500

November 9, 2017: The S&P 500 closed down 0.38% at 2,584.63. The DJIA closed down 0.43% at 23,461.94. Separately, the Nasdaq was down 0.58% at 6,750.05. Thursday was a down ...
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Top Analyst Says Buy These 5 Defense Stocks Into Year’s End

In a turbulent world, investors often lean on defense stocks, and with good reason. As the international stage becomes ever more dangerous, the United States and other countries beef up ...
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Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: Biogen, Electronic Arts, Gap, Intuit, J&J, 3M, Intercept, AutoZone and More

Stocks were looking for direction on Wednesday, but this after the major indexes have all hit fresh all-time highs. The one trend that has dominated this bull market is that ...
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Defense Stocks Should Stay Red Hot: 4 to Buy Into Q2 Earnings

Combine a very dangerous world with a president who is very pro-American business, and you have the perfect storm set for the defense and aerospace industry. Then, just to sweeten ...
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Analyst Has Top Defense and Aerospace Stocks to Buy Before Q1 Earnings

Needless to say, the defense and aerospace sector has been red-hot since the election of Donald Trump back in November. Toss in the uncertainty in the Middle East and on ...
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Huge Buffett and Icahn Trades Highlight Insider Buying: Transdigm, Herbalife, Navistar, Calavo Growers, Sears and More

Another week in which the relentless strength of the stock market continued, albeit at a much slower pace. Despite a rate increase by the Federal Reserve, which had been well-telegraphed, stocks ...
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7 Dirt Cheap S&P 500 Value Stocks for Massive Upside Potential for 2017 and 2018

It is probably an understatement that the magnitude of the post-election rally has shocked many investors. Now many investors have been repositioning their investments as the Dow Jones Industrial Average ...
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SunTrust Says Trump Will Make Defense Great Again: 5 Top Buys

Given that our military has long been in decline, and that has emboldened many of our adversaries around the world, President Trump's vow to rebuild our armed forces has some on ...
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Insider Buying Volume Big as Trump Rally Rolls On: Transdigm, Medicines Company, Medley Capital, W&T Offshore and More

Another week, another solid performance for stocks, as the rally that started after the presidential election continues. We believe that it is very possible the Trump rally could have legs into ...
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Insider Buying Stays Red-Hot as Trump Rally Rolls On: Wendy’s, Medicines Company, Transdigm and More

As one of the biggest rallies the market has seen in years rolls on, the buyers were out in full force last week. All the indexes were again hitting all-time ...
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Huge Trump Rally Doesn’t Slow Insider Buying: Skechers, Home Depot, Lawson Products, Amtrust Financial, Datawatch and More

While things have cooled off some now that we have hit December, one thing is for sure: the rally sparked by the surprise election of Donald Trump didn’t keep the ...
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Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: Alibaba, Amazon, Bed Beth & Beyond, Puma Biotechnology, SeaWorld and More

Stocks were indicated higher on Thursday morning, following the prior day's news that the Federal Reserve was holding interest rates flat. Even considering recent market volatility, it is obvious that ...
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