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This Is the Best American City for Burger Lovers

How much do Americans like hamburgers? One estimate puts McDonald’s annual hamburger sales at 2.36 billion a year. While it is the largest chain by sales in the United States, Burger King and Wendy’s are not far behind. Thousands of small and medium-sized fast-food and dining establishments have hamburgers on their menus as well. Across all these establishments, Yahoo! Life puts total U.S. hamburger daily sales at 2.4 per person.

Lawn Love looked at hamburger data from almost 200 large U.S. cities to find “2021’s Best Cities for Burger Fans.”

A total of 197 cities were rated on the following:

  • Establishments Serving Burgers per 100,000 Residents (Weight: 2)
  • Median Rating for Establishments Serving Burgers (Weight: 3)
  • Total Points for Michelin-Rated Establishments Serving Burgers per 100,000 Residents (No Stars/Awards = 0 Points, Michelin Plate = 1 Point, Michelin Bib and, Gourmand = 2 Points, 1 Star = 3 Points, 2 Stars = 4 Points) (Weight: 4)

Most data came from Michelin Guide and TripAdvisor.

For a reason it is hard to explain, cities in California did unusually well, taking six of the top 10 places. Yet, Washington came in first place with a score of 74.45.

Cities in Texas put up a poor showing, taking three of the bottom 10 spots. Midland came in last of the 197 cities with a score of 1.87.

Here are the 15 best cities for burger lovers:

  • Washington, D.C.: 74.45
  • San Francisco, Calif.: 64.98
  • Pasadena, Calif.: 63.31
  • Chicago, Ill.: 50.64
  • San Diego, Calif.: 41.13
  • Santa Rosa, Calif.: 38.71
  • New York, N.Y.: 37.94
  • Orlando, Fla.: 37.93
  • Glendale, Calif.: 36.06
  • Fullerton, Calif.: 35.30
  • Torrance, Calif.: 35.24
  • Sacramento, Calif.: 34.05
  • New Orleans, La.: 33.70
  • Oakland, Calif.: 33.63
  • Scottsdale, Ariz.: 33.61

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