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Cramer's Green Picks For Each Presidential Candidate (FSLR, COMV, SGR, NRG, COMV)

On CNBC’s MAD MONEY this evening, Jim Cramer said that as part of his green week and in picking alternative energy stocks, he wanted to identify which stocks would win under the alternative energy projects under each presidential candidate.

On the Democratic side, he said he wanted to identify which stocks would win under both Hillary Clinton and under Barack Obama.  He noted how the alternative and renewable energy policies are pages and pages on their websites. These were the following:

  • For solar power, he’s still gung-ho booyaah-ing First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR).
  • For a smart electric grid play, he thinks Comverge (NASDAQ: COMV) is the play.
  • Lastly, he thinks agriculture stocks are the winners with all their lobbying.  But…. these aren’t green companies.

On the Republican side, Cramer identified the picks he thinks will do well under John McCain.  He also noted that his policy on alternative energy is less detailed and only one web page on his website.  These picks are as follows:

  • McCain has been a pro-nuclear fan, and his main pick is Shaw Group (NYSE: SGR) as the builder and designer of nuclear facilities.  His second pick was NRG Energy (NYSE: NRG) as the main nuclear power promoting utility in the U.S.
  • Cramer also said that McCain also believes in a smart grid, and that pick is also Comverge (NYSE: COMV).

Last night, Cramer went over his picks that he thinks will win in natural gas and on Monday night he returned to talk about his old picks in alternative energy stocks with Buy, Hold, or Sell recommendations on those.

Jon C. Ogg
April 23, 2008

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