Energy Articles

Gas prices have been plunging. This Thanksgiving may offer drivers the lowest prices since 2020. However, while many states enjoy a price for a gallon of regular well below $3, in California, the...
Sure, the current interest rate environment has taken its toll on high dividend paying stocks. Investors can find alternative investments that offer more yield, and even more important, high yield...
If the current conflict between Israel and Hamas spreads throughout the region, particularly Iran, global oil shipments could be curtailed.
The Hamas-Israeli war may be a proxy battle between Saudi Arabia and Iran over oil.
Oil prices dropped after a report that the nation's gasoline inventories rose sharply last week.
Rising oil prices have chipped away at the U.S. industry's position as the world's swing producer. That role looks likely to go (back) to Saudi Arabia.
A new report from the International Energy Agency suggests that there is still time to limit the imapct of carbon emissions.
If oil tops $100 a barrel between now and the end of the year, the economy could rush toward recession.
A federal district judge in Louisiana has issued an order requiring that the U.S. Interior Department proceed with a planned sale of oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico.
At $5 a gallon, gasoline prices raise the specter of recession.
Gasoline nationwide is increasing toward $4 a gallon, but in one state it is already well above $5.
The Earth's ability to respond to human activity and heal itself may be appoaching a point of no return.
How much difference will Amazon's investment in carbon removal credits make? Not very much if you agree with this Stanford professor.
New research indicates that the Thacker Pass mine in northern Nevada contains the world's largest known deposit of lithium, an essential part of electric vehicle batteries.
If you’re concerned about the health of the world around us, you’ve probably already adopted certain measures to help minimize your negative impact on the environment — turning off unneeded...