Nasdaq Short Interest, Bets Against Techs Move Up (MSFT)(INTC)(CSCO)(ORCL)(JAVA)

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Short interest for number of tech stocks listed on Nasdaq rose on March 14 compared to figures from February .

Shares short in Microsoft (MSFT) spiked up 7.4 million to 123.1 million. Short interest in Intel (INTC) jumped 11.7 million to 75.8 milion. The short interest in Cisco (CSCO) moved higher by 24.4 million to 73.1 million. Shares short in Oracle (ORCL) increased by 1.6 million to 38.9 million. Sonus short interest was up 9.3 million to 41.3 million. Sun’s (JAVA) short interest was up 6.1 million to 23.6 million.

Oher notable increase in in shares short included Level 3 (LVLT) where share short were up 25.3 million to 223.6 million, E*Trade (ETFC) where shares short were up 16.7 million to 104.4 million. and Comcast (CMCSA) where share sold short were up 6.4 million to 70.4 million.

Shares short in Take-Two (TTWO) fell 4.2 million to 17.1 million, shares sold short in Ebay (EBAY) fell 3.7 million to 2.3 million. Shares short at Yahoo! (YHOO) fell 3 million to 49.8 million. At Sirius (SIRI) short interest dropped 2.8 million to 97.4 million and at Nvidia (NVDA) short interest fell 2.6 million to 16.2 million.

Data from Nasdaq and WSJ.

Douglas A. McIntyre