short interest

Shares of GameStop dived following a report that activist investor Carl Icahn has maintained a large short position in the stock.
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Skyrocketing oil prices have taken a heavy toll on short sellers in the sector since the beginning of the year. Just over $67 billion worth of stock in the 20 most heavily shorted energy companies is...
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Cathie Wood's ARK Invest ETFs have recently attracted more attention from short sellers because the funds are not performing as well as they did a year ago. Here's a look at some detailed data.
Short sellers sharply cut their positions in Apple in the two-week short interest reporting period ended June 30. At the same time, they added to their positions in Microsoft.
Short sellers were mostly reducing their positions in the two-week period ended June 30. There was one major exception, though.
Short interest for both EV makers and traditional carmakers was mostly lower in the two-week reporting period that ended June 30.
Alphabet's short interest for the June 30 settlement date saw a jump.
Amazon saw the number of its shares short back off for the most recent settlement date of June 30.
Research firm S3 Analytics calls out the winners and losers for short sellers in June and identifies some likely short squeeze candidates in the month ahead.