The 100 Least Powerful People In The World

61. Ron Paul
> Libertarian Politician
> Libertarian candidate for president now less powerful than “aqua-Buddha” worshiping son Rand Paul. Perennial candidate emulating fellow hopeless case Dennis Kucinich.

62. Charlie Crist
> Politician
> Lost Florida Governor’s election to Tea Partier. Was GOP darling in run-up to election. What happened?

63. Trey Laird
> Designer
> Famed designer Laird spearheaded the worst redesign since New Coke. Took iconic Gap logo and replaced it with a new one that lasted… an entire week.

64. Jose Socrates
> Former Prime Minister of Portugal
> Planned austerity program to repair his nation’s beleaguered financial situation. Program rejected by the Parliament. Nation is on brink of default, and Socrates is forced to “drink the hemlock.”

65. Kenneth Lewis
> Former CEO of Bank of America
> Built Bank of America into the top financial institution. The credit crisis turned him into a pariah. Shareholders lost 80% of stock value and taxpayers had to provide $45 billion in cash to keep the financial firm afloat.

66. Larry Summers
> Former President of Harvard University
> Defrocked Harvard University President and ostracized Director of White House Economic Council returns to Harvard professorship and gains more weight.

67. Zheng Guoguang
> Director of the China Meteorological Administration
> Zheng and his crew have been hired to put an end to one of the worst droughts on record in The People’s Republic by “seeding” the clouds to make it rain. Thus far, they’ve only managed to bury Beijing in snow – a city not known for its farming.

68. Katie Couric
> Journalist, TV News Personality
> Queen of AM TV on Today Show, now sits at bottom of network rankings on CBS Evening News. Also agreed to a pay cut.  Now, reportedly headed for the exit.

69. Christina Aguilera
> Actress, Singer
Forgot the words to the National Anthem. Arrested for public intoxication. Tripped on stage at the Grammys after an Arethra Franklin tribute. All in the last two months.

70. Mike Lazaridis & Jim Balsillie
> Co-CEOs of Research in Motion
> Because they share the title, both should be blamed for letting Apple and Google eat RIM’s lunch. RIM was positioned to dominate the smartphone market, but was caught flatfooted by the iPhone’s release. Playbook, its answer to the iPad, still hasn’t been released.