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Less than a year after emerging from bankruptcy, American Apparel Inc. (NYSE: APP) may not survive the coming holiday season without filing for a second bankruptcy. When the company emerged from...
The play, titled "Unseamly," was written by former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney's first cousin and was performed in Canada last year.
A supplier to American Apparel has filed suit against the clothing maker for non-payment of bills, likely in an effort to secure a place at the head of the line for what may be the company's...
Source: courtesy of American Apparel imageTrendy clothing maker American Apparel Inc. (NYSEMKT: APP) faces a $15.4 million debt repayment bill in October and there is some question about whether or...
Two American Apparel shareholders have filed a lawsuit alleging that former CEO Dov Charney was fired in December because he refused to sell the company.
A report in the New York Post Wednesday morning said that American Apparel has delayed payments to some vendors by up to 60 days.
American Apparel announced after markets closed on Tuesday that it had terminated founder Dov Charney for cause and appointed a new CEO.
RadioShack has had more than a rough ride recently. The question is whether there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
RadioShack shares are still soaring on Thursday after reports that shareholder Standard General may offer rescue financing.
The departure of founder and CEO Dov Charney has not helped the financial results of American Apparel. Its fortunes continue to dissolve quickly, raising the question of whether it is beyond repair.
The CEO of one of the worst-run retailers in American is joining the board of another company in the same category. Joseph Magnacca of RadioShack is among the new board members of American Apparel.
If American Apparel can grow again, and show that it does not need to eat through cash to stay afloat, the market will have a reason to bid its shares back above $2.
Source: courtesy of American Apparel imageUPDATE: Hedge fund Standard General has reached a preliminary agreement to supply $25 million in financing to American Apparel as the company tries to...
The board of directors of American Apparel has reached an agreement with hedge fund Standard General under which control of the company passes to the hedge fund.
Battles between current creditors could put American Apparel in the untenable position. It may need to find a merger candidate or a retailer to buy it out to avoid being sold.