US Supreme Court Appears Eager to Rule on Obamacare

After the first of three two-hour hearings, the US Supreme Court appears to be leaning toward issuing a ruling on the healthcare reform act, known as Obamacare, rather than putting off the ruling until the first fines are levied in 2015. Both sides in the case agree that the Court can rule now, without waiting, but the Court itself hired an attorney to argue the other side.

During today’s session, the Justices picked apart the hired gun’s arguments, leading court watchers to conclude that the Court will indeed rule on the case now rather than waiting another three years. Tomorrow the Justices will hear arguments on the constitutionality of the law and its mandate that Americans buy health insurance.

If the Court decides to hear the issue — as today’s hearing suggests they will — a ruling is expected by the time the Court adjourns for its summer recess in July.