The Growing Issue of Triple-Digit DJIA Daily Gains and Losses

Jon C. Ogg

We have now seen yet another day of triple-digit moves as the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 206 points at 15,112 on Wednesday. The FOMC was the excuse, but what is more than interesting is that Wednesday marked the seventh consecutive gain or drop of more than 100 points for the DJIA.The stock market did its best to walk away with the interpretation of Ben Bernanke’s comments as the beginning of the end for tapering some form of quantitative easing measures. That remains up for debate, but the market is driven by the dollars with the most conviction each trading day.

The stock market is now dealing with triple-digit price moves for three-quarters of the trading days for the last month now.

The drop in the DJIA escalated throughout the day and the CBOE Volatility Index for the S&P 500 Index somehow managed to decrease on a big down day, closing down 0.17 at 16.44. What we want to know is simple. Is all of this stock market volatility taking a toll on your stock market investor psyche? We have an anonymous public opinion poll we would like to hear your opinion on below.

So, please take the poll. We are compiling sentiment readings and this requires a large group of participants to be of value.

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