Stocks to Buy and Sell: Credit Suisse Key Changes to Small-Cap and Mid-Cap List

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Credit Suisse has issued its top stocks to buy in the small-cap and mid-cap equity strategy, which are its picks with a market cap less than $7 billion. Each Credit Suisse analyst identified and ranked up to three top stock picks based on a six-month to 12-month time horizon, and the picks were limited to what are called high conviction names. Analysts who did not list a name under $3 billion in market cap were given the opportunity to add a “bonus small-cap pick.”

While the firm said that these should not be viewed as a portfolio, the list did come to 150 top stock ideas, out of the more than 900 stocks covered by the U.S. research team. There were 11 new additions in small and small-to-mid-cap stocks since the firm’s last update on June 1, as follows:

There were also eight stocks currently less than $7 billion that were removed since its last update on June 1, as follows:

Other interesting calls from Credit Suisse of late include the firm issuing its list of high-yield MLPs to buy after the sell-off.