With ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Gig, Is Stern A SIRIUS XM Flight Risk Again? (SIRI)

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SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRI) may not be as big of a fan of America’s Got Talent as the public is.  It turns out that SIRIUS XM’s top shock jock Howard Stern has accepted a position to be the new judge for the NBC television series.

NBC made the announcement on Thursday where Stern will replace the exiting judge Piers Morgan, but SIRIUS XM is not losing Howard Stern.  Stern will be on both programs and will continue to host his daily radio antics on the satellite radio provider.

Here is where this gets interesting… When Howard Stern was negotiating a new contract with SIRIUS XM a year ago much of the case for more money or for an extended deal was that Stern was overworked, spending far too much time each day on the SIRIUS content, and was tired.  So, did he suddenly get a new burst of energy or start taking energy-boosters?  It is easy to wonder whether or not this increases the odds that Howard Stern could again be a flight risk from the satellite radio that Howard Stern helped to put on the map (and put into space).

The new season returns in summer of 2012.  SIRIUS XM shareholders do not care so far about the news as SIRIUS XM share price is flat at $1.76 and $1.27 to $2.44.

Many of the comments under the full article at NBC showing the full data on Howard Stern are not quite as positive as many of the SIRIUS satellite radio fans might expect.