Hillary Clinton's Net Worth May Be Close To $50 Million

Hillary Clinton was the wealthiest candidate at the Democratic debate–by far.

24/7 Wall St. did an analysis of the net worth of each major candidate, This is what we found about Clinton:

Hillary Clinton
> Net worth: $11 million — $53 million

In 2001, Hillary Clinton became the first female senator to represent New York State. After serving as Secretary of State in the Obama administration from 2009 to 2013, Clinton announced her candidacy for president yet again this past April. Clinton is currently outspending and outpacing her closest competitor, Senator Bernie Sanders, in fundraising. The Clinton campaign has raised more than $47.5 million, not including super PAC funding, and spent nearly $18.9 million — significantly more than the $16.4 million and $4.8 million the Sanders campaign has raised and spent, respectively. However, while 69% of of Sanders’ campaign contributions have come from small individual donations, while only 17% of Clinton’s contributions have come from small individual donations.

Hillary Clinton is worth at least $11 million, and as much as $53 million, which includes her husband Bill’s substantial net worth. Much of the net worth Hillary is directly responsible for includes the income she earned through investments, her book, and speaking fees since her time working for the government. Over the past several years, Clinton and her husband have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on summer rentals in the Hamptons. Some of Clinton’s influential campaign donors have urged her not to rent another home in the Hamptons while campaigning for fear she could be dubbed an elitist.

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To identify the net worth of each presidential candidate, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the most recent tax filings of the highest-polling Republican presidential candidates, as well as the two highest-polling Democratic presidential candidates. Each candidate’s poll is an average of four widely recognized surveys of American opinion, including CNN and Fox.  In order to determine ranges for each of these candidates we relied on the best available data from at least one of the following sources: analyses from third-party sources of personal financial disclosures provided to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), statements made by the candidates’ campaigns, and in the case of current members of congress, specific net worth values obtained by The Center for Responsive Politics through 2013 tax filings. The Center also provided campaign finance figures. We also considered campaign contribution totals, which each candidate for president is required to submit to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).