Cubs NLCS Game 6 Tickets Are Selling for Under $500

It’s been 108 years since the Cubs last won a world series and 62 years since they made it to the Fall Classic. With their win last night over the Dodgers, the Cubs are one game away from a chance to break the Billygoat Curse. For fans looking to see history live and in person, the cheapest option available is $416 according to event ticket search engine TicketIQ.

Below is a list of the cheapest or get-in price for each level of Wrigley field for fans that are looking to catch a piece of history live.

  • 500 level: $416
  • 400 level: $689
  • 200 level: $552
  • 100 level: $755
  • Club field level: $1,690

While these prices are astronomical compared to previous league championship series, they are a relative value compared to what fans will have to pay if the Cubs can win either a game 6 or 7. For World Series tickets, there are very few tickets available for sale, but those that are will cost over $2,000. While ticket prices will definitely come down from those levels, a Cubs World Series would be the most expensive that TicketIQ has ever tracked.