2018 NFL Ticket Summary: Patriots Are Tops + Titans Have Biggest Increase

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Most Expensive Prices For 2018:

Despite losing the Super Bowl to the Eagles, the Patriots lead the league in NFL prices for the second season in a row. The Super Bowl Champion Eagles rank 3rd on the list of most expensive average price, behind the Broncos.

Biggest Annual Increase from 2017:

After their first playoff appearance since 2008, Titans fans are excited about Marcus Mariota, Derrick Henry and the prospects for 2018. At an average price of $277, Titans ticket prices are 8th in the league. Despite only winning 6 teams, Jimmy Garappolo’s strong finish has raised expectations for Niners-nation. With an average price of $240, 49ers ticket prices are still 35% below prices in their first year at Levi’s stadium.

Overall Size of the Secondary Market:

As the below shows, the size of the NFL secondary market has decreased significantly, to $122 million in gross listed volume. That’s down fro a peak of $365 million in 2014. That change is consistent with tighter control of the secondary market by teams and a focus on selling directly to fans through the primary market.

Here is raw data since 2011 which includes average listing prices at the beginning of the season, annual change in prices, quantity of tickets available for team, and market size for each team.

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