Can Mobile Device Repairs Fix the Business of RadioShack?

RadioShack Corp. (NYSE: RSH) remains a company with an uncertain future. But a new effort, a long overdue one, is being tried in hopes that it may fix the ailing company’s store traffic: fixing your broken mobile devices and smartphones. If you have been among the unfortunate who drop a smartphone screen, you know how this service is needed. RadioShack announced on Monday that its Fix It Here! same-day mobile repair service is now available in 26 stores in the Chicago area. The same-day service will be available in more than 750 locations nationwide by end of year.

As far as what the repairs will be, they include cracked screens, water damage, broken charging ports, broken buttons, camera issues and audio issues. RadioShack’s in-store smartphone and tablet owners can conveniently and cost effectively have common issues such as cracked screens, broken buttons and damaged charging ports repaired.

Fix It Here offers same-day repairs in most cases, and typically in less than two hours. Repairs for the devices start at $39.99 and include a 90-day warranty on parts and labor.

RadioShack’s Fix It Here certified technicians are represented as having at least 40 hours of specialized and hands-on training to repair common issues that consumers face. Paul Rutenis, chief merchandising officer at RadioShack, said:

As a trusted national brand, we wanted to be the first to provide on-the-floor, same-day repairs to customers no matter where they purchased their device. RadioShack has proudly served customers in Chicago since 1970 and we’re happy to now have 26 stores in the Chicago area where we can provide the expertise and service of our skilled Fix It Here technicians.

RadioShack shares were higher already on Monday, but they have held on to their gains at 9.5% higher at $1.00 right at noon. RadioShack’s 52-week range is $0.55 to $3.88.

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