Forecasts suggest that Apple may experience a decline in market share within China this year.
Apple needs to sell $200 billion worth of iPhones in the next year. Its financial success depends on it.
Wall Street thought Apple would mostly dodge the tech downturn. Maybe they are wrong.
Consumers may have begun to ask themselves if their current version of the iPhone is good enough to keep another year.
Apple is the leader in smartphone sales in the world by a large margin. Samsung is its only major competitor. While the iPhone 14’s sales have not been on fire, they have been steady and have kept...
Former hedge fund chief, founder of, and CNBC stock picker Jim Cramer chose the tech stocks he believes will make a comeback from major market sell-offs. They have been the most...
With the introduction of each new iPhone, skeptics continue to argue Apple eventually has to stumble.
South Korean electronics giant Samsung replaced Apple at the top of the smartphone league tables, nabbing the top six spots with its Galaxy line of phones.
Apple reported its most recent quarterly results after the markets closed on Wednesday. These record numbers helped push a solid gain in the after-hours.
One analyst sees Apple's sideways trading coming to a close. A very bullish upgrade is due on part to Apple’s potential in the auto market.
One of Cathie Wood's Ark Invest funds sold over 77,000 shares of Apple on March 29.
Apple stock has pulled back from its highs back in January and over the past month it appears to be in a holding pattern. One analyst thinks that it has some room to run from here.
Apple reported its most recent quarterly results after the markets closed on Wednesday. Even with record numbers this didn't appear to be enough for investors initially.
The top tech media in the world, particularly those that follow Apple products closely, believe they have a good picture of the iPhone 13.
The number of products Apple sells is actually relatively small for a company with revenue of over $275 billion, but simplicity is part of Apple's success.