The Ten Countries That Rule The World’s Wind Energy

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The biggest producers of wind power are racing to add capacity to meet growing energy demands. Last year alone, the world’s wind energy capacity increased by 17.3%. But the growth is largely the result of a small number of countries, which are the world’s largest energy consumers and are desperate for alternatives. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the Global Wind Energy Council’s 2011 report to identify the 10 countries that produce the most wind energy in the world.

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The countries that produce the most wind energy are seeking energy independence. They comprise some of the world’s largest economies. Nine out of the 10 are among the 12 countries with the largest GDP. While they are not all growing at the same rate — Spain’s GDP has decreased since 2009 — all of them are looking for new energy solutions to feed their economic growth. In 2011, Canada, the country with the 10th largest GDP, increased its total wind power capacity by 24%. China, the country with the second largest GDP, increased its wind capacity by 29%.

Almost all the countries on this list are developing new renewal energy sources because their oil consumption far outpaces their oil production. All of the countries, except for Canada, consume more oil than they produce. India consumes more than four times more oil than it produces. The U.S. uses about two and a half times as much as it produces.

24/7 Wall St. used data from the Global Wind Energy Council report to compile a list of the countries that produce the most wind energy. We listed each country’s share of global wind power production in 2011, its total capacity measured in megawatts (MW), as well as the increase in capacity last year. We relied on BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy for each country’s oil use and production. For certain countries, this data was unavailable when production was below a 0.1% share of the world’s total. We also included GDP data from the World Bank.

These are the 10 countries desperate to produce wind energy.