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The 50 Highest Rated CEOs

Top executives, CEOs especially, are often measured by the business decisions they make and how their company is performing. Often just as important, however, is the company’s culture, which executives also help shape. A positive culture can help boost employee morale and with it productivity and sales. It can also attract quality employees and keep turnover low — further boosting the company’s performance.

With employee review websites such as Glassdoor, the popularity of a given CEO is readily available. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the top 50 employee rated chief executives at U.S.-based companies from Glassdoor’s recent report, “Employee Choice Awards: Highest Rated CEOs.” Bob Bechek, the chief executive officer of consultancy firm Bain & Company ranks first.

Three other consulting firm CEOs made the list, including Dominic Barton of McKinsey & Co. in third place; KPMG CEO John Veihmeyer in 13th; and Mark Weinberger of EY in 14th place.

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Leaders of tech companies occupied another six positions. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) was ranked fourth; Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD) ranked fifth; Marc Benioff of SalesForce.com (NYSE: CRM) ranked sixth; and, Sundar Picha of Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) ranked seventh.

Consulting and technology companies tend to offer some of the nation’s highest salaries, and this may partially explain the tendency of employees to give favorable ratings. Long-term employee satisfaction — not just with a CEO but with the company as a whole — is more closely related to trust in senior leadership than it is with salary, however.

To identify the highest rated CEOs, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed Glassdoor’s recent report, “Employee Choice Awards: Highest Rated CEOs.” In order to be considered, companies needed to have at least 100 Glassdoor-approved company reviews, including at least 100 CEO approval ratings and at least 100 senior management ratings from current and former U.S.-based employees between May 2, 2015 and May 1, 2016. We also reviewed annual revenue figures. For the 30 public companies on this list, revenue figures came from financial documents filed with the federal government. For the remaining 20 private companies, revenue figures were from company websites. When unavailable, revenue figures were obtained from Glassdoor, or from Forbes. In the few cases where a company does not disclose revenue, revenue for the holding company was used.

These are the 50 most popular CEOs in America.