11 Stores Open on Thanksgiving

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2. Target (NYSE: TGT)
> 2015 retail sales: $73.2 billion
> U.S. locations: 1,792
> Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

For the third year in a row, Target will open its doors on Thanksgiving Day at 6 p.m. Target operates exclusively in the United States, and like many American retailers it is relying heavily on the U.S. holiday shopping period to meet annual sales goals. Through the first half the year, Target reported $32 billion in sales, less than half its 2015 annual sales of $74 billion.

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1. Walmart (NYSE: WMT)
> 2015 retail sales: $353.1 billion
> U.S. locations: 4,574
> Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas

This year, the largest retailer and private employer in the world will open its doors to deal seekers nationwide at 6 p.m. local time. Black Friday discounts will be available even earlier on Walmart’s website. Starting at 12:01 a.m. EST on Thanksgiving Day, most of the retailer’s deals will be available to online shoppers. According to a company announcement, Walmart will have stores and distribution centers nationwide stocked with millions of televisions, computers, tablets, and video games. As is the case with most other commercial retailers, Walmart has historically reported higher sales volume around the holiday season.